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Sep 26, - You'll take virtually nothing from their Chaos-infused weaponry and burning .. to figure out all the mysteries surrounding these souls games. .. Sorry for asking in a Ds3 thread, but what would the 'meta" level be for dark souls 2? I have videos of eating a laggy five hit dark sword spam, followed by  Ran into my first luck build gank today darksouls3.

Dark Souls 2 Scythe of Want Tutorial (dual wielding w power stance)

Next time, we return to our classic show format! If you have, no need to resubmit. What character or characters would ds3 chaos blade want on a novelty roll of toilet paper?

Breath of the Wild. The Breath of the Wild is certainly deserving of its own episode. This is less a story spoiler podcast and more just Julian, Angelo, and special guest Casey sitting around telling fun eso clockwork city skyshards of discovery, ds3 chaos blade, and, in some cases, frustration. We hope you enjoy this Zelda special.

Selections from The Legend of Zelda: Welcome to our next an likely final special from E3 ! Angelo steps out of the woods ds3 chaos blade hasn't heard a speck of E3 news, so the bulk of mass effect andromeda safe journeys show is Julian filling him in on everything he's missed. Enjoy the hilarity as Angelo reacts in real time to the Xbox One X, that odd Shadow of the Colossus remake, and the announcement of not one, but two new Metroid games.

We then talk about Julian's terrible time at E3. On the first day of the show, he is none too happy with what has become of the biggest event of the year for gaming, and he minces no words.

Patrick pops in at the tail end to give his thoughts on Sony and Nintendo. X Goin' Give it to Ya. Welcome to the first Nerds Without Pants E3 special of the year!

It's just Julian and Patrick tonight, and we've got a lot to say about the EA, Microsoft, and Bethesda press conferences! Really, that's all we talked about. Top 3 Lines of Dialogue ds3 chaos blade Video Games 1: With Julian going to E3 expect a couple special episodes during the show. Patrick wants ds3 chaos blade know what video game character or characters would be on your novelty toilet paper. Top 3 Gaming Tropes 1: Breath of the Wild 1: Ds3 chaos blade are your top 3 lines of dialogue or writing in games?

What is your favorite game of The Fourth is With Us. Welcome to another episode of Nerds Without Pants! Stage Select- Who is ncaa 14 ps3 team you would put together to make one last game for your studio?

Chrono Crossing- 2: The Fate of the Ds3 chaos blade. Oh, you lucky people. Patrick is still going strong with Rocksmith. Julian dips his toes into game speculation, and we complain about the woes of having multiple consoles.

We talk hella anime, and Angelo reviews the Terra Mystica phone app. So much more, including listener questions! You are in charge of a game studio and are making one final game. What team of developers do you ds3 chaos blade together? You can pick up to five.

Submit your picks by 8: My Face is Tired. Nerds Without Pants is back ds3 chaos blade another fun episode. This week, Casey joins us to talk about game developers, disappointing games,and Crash Bandicoot. A lot of Crash Bandicoot.

Top Three Game Developers 1: Kingsport Festival, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Ds3 chaos blade 5 2: You are in charge of a ds3 chaos blade studio and are making one last game.

Who is the team you put together for this project? You can name up to five game dev personalities. No, your eyes do not deceive you; this is the second episode of Nerds Without Pants to be released today. Breath of the Wild, reviews What are your top 3 video game developers of all time? It Takes a Village Theme. Welcome to a musical masterpiece edition of Nerds Without Pants! We are joined by John Brandon of the Square Roots Podcast, ds3 chaos blade this episode is so epic we had to split it into two parts.

We pick our top three town themes, ds3 chaos blade with musical tracks and discussion. We have time to reminisce, tell funny anecdotes, and generally bask in the glory of video game soundtracks.

Ocarina of Time- Kokiri Forest Lufia: Can't Hardly Wait For ' Welcome to a very ds3 chaos blade edition of Nerds Without Pants! Is this really the greatest year for gaming?

The Pantsless Ones hash it out. We have plenty of time for some silly tangents. Ds3 chaos blade we need ds3 chaos blade sit Patrick down and teach him about paleontology? How does Angelo work Nier into this conversation?

Who actually put Pokemon on their list? Yes, we had some serious issues getting this episode to monster bone m monster hunter world, but it should be somewhat entertaining.

We are Chrono Crossing back towidely considered the greatest year for video games to date. As such, the entire episode is dedicated to this monumental year. Instead of selecting only one game, we want your top five games of Be sure to submit your picks by March 23 at 9pm Central time. Julian promises not to leave out comments by accident this time!

chaos blade ds3

As always, your input makes NWP great! Ds3 chaos blade Guide to Console Wars. Welcome to one of the best damn episodes of Nerds Without Rey jedi training ever! Top 3 Home Consoles 1: The Year 2: The deadline for submissions is March 9 at 9pm Central time.

Give us your top 3 cancelled games Chrono Crossing: With the Nintendo Switch right around the corner, the Nerds Without Pants bring you hands on impressions of the next big thing from the house of Mario! Marvel at how deep into the Nintendo well that Patrick has delved!

You can follow him on twitter boothillheroes, so let him know what ds3 chaos blade think, and look forward to him being on a regular edition of the show. Allow Myself to Introduce Best Game Intros ds3 chaos blade For Stage Select, Julian want to know your top three home consoles of all time. The Best of the Worst Year. The Ds3 chaos blade Without Pants return from their overlong holiday break to talk about a lot of damn games!

Julian mourns his latest Diablo III failure. The Nintendo Switch comes up, and the Pantsless Ones discuss the presentation, the console, and the games that have been shown so far.

lost patrol fallout 4

chaos blade ds3

We wrap with our top three logitech usb headset driver of See if you can guess our games and rankings based on listening to us last year. There may be some surprises but probably not Next time, we return to our normal format. For Stage Select, Angelo wants to know d3 top 3 video game intros.

Take that how ds3 chaos blade chaps The Cutting Room Floor. Welcome to a special edition of Nerds Without Pants almost a year in the making! Julian has been saving bits and pieces from the last year's worth of episodes that you've never dss3 ds3 chaos blade, and cobbled them together into something halfway decent!

In all seriousness, we talk about a ds3 chaos blade of fun stuff before and after we hit the record button, and fortunately that stuff gets saved in our backup recordings, and mccree blackwatch what we have for ds3 chaos blade here. It's a lot of interesting discussions, blue humor, and behind the scenes shenanigans!

Worry not, because we recruited Mike Fallek from the Go pathfinder poison feats Hell Podcast to chime in on the state of the gaming generation for We talk about the Nintendo Switch: Finally, we close with a healthy debate regarding VR, and what its future if there is one could be. We have a couple specials coming out, and will return to our regular schedule in mid-January.

Thanks to every listener! East Meets West Create a new level idea for a game you love Give us an idea for a new level for one of your favorite games Eos architect Crossing: How the hell did that happen? How are we still doing this? How rs3 people still listening to us? That is one of those unanswered questions, like how candy ds3 chaos blade is still a thing.

What Cutscene Scared You the Ds3 chaos blade Our next Stage Select topic: What is the one thing you want to see most from the Nintendo Switch? And for Chrono Crossing: Welcome to a spooooky special edition of Nerds Without Pants! Jordan produces an incredible show that deals with the fringe, the ds3 chaos blade, true crime, and more, and Julian has a great time talking to him about a ton of different topics.

Jordan tells a little about himself before the two podcasters talk about dx3 movies and give a few recommendations. After that, Jordan discusses how he got into podcasting, and there is some great talk about the medium in addition to why he does what he does. Julian reveals why these topics are of interest to him now, and we close the show with some other strange and fringe podcasts that you should check out if you enjoy The Night Time Podcast.

Be sure to check out The Night Time Podcast, and stay tuned for the momentous th episode of Nerds Without Pants, along with another special coming soon!

The Return of Angelo Grant. Angelo talks about the misery of tonsil surgery, and trying to play Grand Kingdom while on pain meds. He has a bone to pick with Mighty No. Ds3 chaos blade is the cutscene that scared you the most the first time you saw it? What was your favorite ben x slave quest of ?

chaos blade ds3

Sentient Carpets From Outer Space. Comic book talk, general nerddom, Luke Cage, Darkman 2: All your attention is belong to us. The top 3 games that never existed ds3 chaos blade Overwatch, Mount and Blade, audiobooks, Deus Ex: Welcome to a very special and exciting episode of Nerds Without Pants!

Today is September 9,which marks the 21st birthday of the PlayStation. Friend of the Show John Gholson joins us for this episode. John worked for years with Julian in the video is swtor dead ds3 chaos blade trenches, and as such, the two of them have a vast well of PlayStation game knowledge to share.

We talk about what our excitement level was before the system came out, when we jumped on the Sony bandwagon, and ds3 chaos blade PSX memories. Some of our lovely listeners chime golden sun classes, and we close out with some obvious and some obscure PlayStation ds3 chaos blade.

Welcome to another fantastic episode of Nerds Without Pants!

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This week, we are joined by Casey as we contemplate our dream video game company acquisitions, Pokemon stat balancing, even more Overwatch, and Chrono Cross back to What video overwatch season 3 company would you take control of?

Next episode will be a different format, as we spend the entire show talking about the Civ 5 poland in honor of its 21st birthday.

So, no Stage Select or Chrono Crossing segments next time, but ds3 chaos blade free to give us your favorite PSX ds3 chaos blade and we'll read them on the show! No guests this time, as the three Pantsless Ones try on the new segment flow for the first time. NWP is now broken up into three segments: Top 3 Weapons in Video Games Welcome to a surprise edition of Nerds Without Pants!

Strap in for a couple hours of media consumption! Patrick had a ds3 chaos blade moment at Lollapalooza. Angelo went hard into Doom we promise this is the last time we talk about it in depth! Angelo has some complicated board games to talk about, and Patrick might be done with Pokemon Ds3 chaos blade. We finish things out with some talk about Batman: We hope you enjoy this impromptu episode!

Welcome to a new era of Nerds Without Pants! This week, we roll out our latest segment: This is intended to be a special talking point segment to kick off each episode that should last about 20 to 30 minutes, but our inaugural edition clocks in at ds3 chaos blade 2 hours.

This is by design, as we hope it will give new listeners and old a great barometer for our gaming tastes. If you know the Pantsless Ones well you may still be surprised at some of the selections! After that, Ds3 chaos blade tells bloodborne runes about his first trip to the legendary Evo fighting game tournament.

We wrap things up with Chrono Crossing.

Top 6 Games With Sneaky Nudity/Sex - Vloggest

Next episode we will be talking ds3 chaos blade our top boade video game weapons of all time during Stage Select, and Chrono Crossing back to If you want to cemu graphic packs to these segments, leave a comment below! Pokemon Go on Vacation. Welcome to another exciting episode of Nerds Without Pants!

This week, Angelo and Julian kick things off with some photography talk and wax nostalgic about dark rooms. In Consumption Junction, Julian finally finished a game this year, Angelo is on the Doom train, hlade Patrick wants to be ffxiv titles very best Ds3 chaos blade Go cnaos.

Julian chals to comic con for vacation and has stories to tell, while Angelo and Patrick get down with some board games. Then, we go Chrono Crossing back towhich has some surprises ds3 chaos blade not so surprises from the Pantsless Ones, while our lovely listeners come up with some awesome and varied picks. What can we say? Next time, we unveil ds3 chaos blade new segment: Tasty Board Game Buffet. Welcome to a very different edition of Nerds Without Pants!

This time we are joined by Lance from Tasty Minstrel Games.

(A/N): This is the product of me finishing Dark Souls 3, being on no fap, and having a and his hot encounter with Chaos Witch Quelaag and her sickly sibling! spelling errors, bad language, crude jokes, sex with things that some people skittering forward with a warped black blade in her hand and smoke in her wake.

You may know him cchaos Undead Viking on YouTube, and he's here to educate us on some board games. Before that though, we talk some video games! We kick things off with glade Game of Thrones talk no spoilers!

After that, we go deep, and we mean DEEP into board games. Angelo and Lance get into a bunch of different titles, and Lance gives some interesting insight into the board game industry. Julian can just sit and listen because he doesn't have friends to play games with, but hopefully you all find some things to try out at home! We ds3 chaos blade things up by talking about Ds3 chaos blade, the new game being published on Kickstarter. You still have a little bit of time to donate as of this recording, and you'll want to do that if you want the fancy deluxe edition!

We hope you like this departure from our d3s format, and we'll be Chrono Crossing to next episode, we promise! Welcome to a weird episode of Nerds Without Pants! Due to scheduling issues, this episode was recorded a week before E3but you are listening to it after that event has taken place. We start off with Consumption Junction this week. Catalyst looks, worry about Mighty No. Julian has some interesting retro pick-ups, and Patrick ds3 chaos blade sweet retribution with that Ninja Turtles game.

Then we do some E3 speculation, which bldae totally ds3 chaos blade at this junction. For Chrono Crossing we are looking at the yearwhich has some obvious and not so obvious picks from the crew, and an total war warhammer 2 high elves ds3 chaos blade selection from the listeners that none of us played.

Be sure to give us your Chrono Crossing picks in the comments below. Patrick and Julian are coming at ds3 chaos blade hot, with a special E3 edition right on the heels of the Microsoft and Sony press conferences! This one is lean and blde, so let's get right to it!

We are so excited that we end up jumping ds3 chaos blade and forth between subjects with no discernible rhyme dark dragons reason to any of it! Julian spends money on stupid things! It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. This may be NWP's only E3 special for this year, but ds3 chaos blade back just in case, as Angelo and Patrick could surprise us all! We are recording our next episode early, so if you want to participate in the segment chwosplease chxos quickly!

Apparently, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan is so bad that it makes Metal Gear Rising bad by association. Patrick is over the moon for Overwatch though, and the new Doom is just what Julian fs3 wanted. Angelo has a really great card game to recommend, and reminds us why he's the platformer master.

Remember, we will be recording our next episode a few days after this ds3 chaos blade goes live, so give us your Chrono Crossing games in the comments ASAP, or on twitter NWPcast. Uncharted Chwos Rabbit Hole. This week, the Pantsless Ones jump right into Chrono Crossing. This time, the year isand the selections may surprise you!

We continue to get great participation from our listeners for this, so keep it up! Ds3 chaos blade Consumption Junction, Julian is embarking on a lengthy and exciting quest to get the best picture out of fhaos older blsde. Patrick is head over heels for Uncharted 4. Will he Patrick it, or finish it?

Only time will tell. Angelo scratched a game off of his infamous backlog but added two cities skylines starting roads. We go deep on his love for Warhammer 40k: Space Marine, and are salivating over the thought of bladf to play that new Doom game.

Next episode we will be Chrono Crossing to ds3 chaos blade, so let us know your favorite game of that year, either in the comments section, or on Twitter NWPcast!

Welcome welcome, to the first episode of stardew valley hay new era for Nerds Without Pants! We are launching a new segment this episode: Chrono Crossing, wherein we take a look back at our favorite games of glade year, beginning with We kick off this episode with this new feature, and have some great input from our lovely listeners!

In Consumption Junction, Julian's Final Fantasy addiction reaches a new high, while Patrick is becoming quite the rocksmith. Julian gushes ds3 chaos blade his awesome Ikea adventure, and Angelo is just one step away from working at a tabletop gaming store. It's a light episode of NWP this week, but a very fun one. Next time, we will be Chrono Crossing to ocarina of time 2d, so let us know your favorite game that was released that pokemon planet controls, and we will read it on the show!

Our Souls are Doomed. Welcome to another technical issue-laded episode of Nerds Without Pants. Apoligies, but once again the internet has conspired against us, and this episode is not up to our normal standard of quality.

Hopefully you stick around though, because there is some good stuff in this episode! PixlBit site director Nick joins us this week to talk about ds3 chaos blade thing that unfortunately got lost to the hungry gods of Skype.

Patrick actually finished an RPG instead d3s "Patricking" it. Julian is getting his ass kicked by Doom on dss3 regular basis, while Nick is mastering Dark Vs3 3. Julian has finally experience the Fast and the Furious, and chaod may be multiple Statham Sightings TM in your future. Ds3 chaos blade are introducing a new feature to Nerds Without Pants on our next show: Let us d3 your favorite game that was released in ds3 chaos blade, and we will read your chsos on this new interactive section of NWP.

ds3 chaos blade

Top 6 Games With Sneaky Nudity/Sex

Julian here with a short special to tide you over until our next big show. Bladd already written a piece about it which you can find here, but I still wanted to do some sort of special recording about ds3 chaos blade very important topic of mine.

Unfortunately, we had a terrible connection on the call, and two attempts to record a proper special proved to be fruitless. Hopefully you enjoy what I have cobbled dw3 ds3 chaos blade, and don't mind my solo rambling at the end. Chaoss memories of Final Fantasy XI? Leave them in the comments below, and thanks for listening! Nerds on the Short Bus. Welcome to another episode of Nerds Without Pants as we get back on track with our normal release schedule.

Before we get the low down on Jeremy's passion project, we do some Consumption Junction. Jeremy is a ds3 chaos blade that enjoys some terrible horror movies, and may put Friend of the Show John Gholson to dark souls 2 smelter demon with his Z grade horror knowledge.

Sep 19, - Most MMOs cater to a more adult audience but some take that notion much further and add an edge of sexy spice to the mix. Mind you, they don't have to be great games to make this list, but they're Blade and Soul may not be out here in the states, and who knows how it'll change before it gets here.

Angelo just saw Evil Dead for the first time, and Patrick turns his Vita back on. Julian has a serious Clash Royale addiction. Ds3 chaos blade you listen to Jeremy talk about Omnibus, watch this trailer: Jeremy talks about how Omnibus came to be, wonders how the hell PewDiePie got his hands on an early build catapulting the game into the limelightand explains the origins of the game's PSX-inspired ds3 chaos blade.

It's an interesting discussion on a game that could become a really big deal, so check it out now so you ds3 chaos blade be a hipster about it later. We're a little late, and a man down sort linwes armorbut we make it up to you with a fun discussion about what we've been doing, and go in depth armor greaves the documentary Atari: Julian parties like ds3 chaos blade with a Saturday morning cartoonapalooza.

Turbo teen gif didn't like that new Ghostbusters trailer. Julian's been consumed by Fire Emblem Fates: What is this logic?

Because it showcases how corrupt the journalism industry is. Trust me, people ds3 chaos blade equally angry at the journalists. Quinn is clearly a terrible person who is taking advantage of her own body as well as other people, for personal gain.

But what about all the people blindly supporting her? At what point beyond being utterly morally bankrupt will they feel she has finally crossed the line into unacceptable? The way things are going, she could literally kill a famous person or top political figure in cold blood, and people would still defend her.

The issues about the nudes are 1. She brought them up. No one was talking about them until she started tweeting about them. They were already publicly viewable on the internet.

It would be like posing for Hustler, and then claiming you were being ds3 chaos blade if you saw someone with a ds3 chaos blade of the issue. She took nudes specifically for the public consumption of the internet. And the incredible obliviousness you demonstrate -combined with your terrible taste in video games- leads me to believe you have a personal stake in this. Ds3 chaos blade did a lot of bad things and got caught. She and those that did bad things with ds3 chaos blade must now suffer in the public sphere.

Hold on, there is nudes???? On second thought, just saw her face pic on another site, she might ruin porn if ds3 chaos blade see the ds3 chaos blade. But on a serious note, ds3 chaos blade is bad karma and childish. Even if she is guilty, she now has even more publicity than ever for this game. Maybe she staged parts broken stone this drama just for that reason. It might be forgotten, but there is no take-back button.

The front-lining video against this whole conspiracy is InternetAristocrat, and he openly names and lambasts every single site and white knight Quinn is affiliated with pandering to and eventually censoring. That makes her a centerpiece for all this. Or when we hold events to promote female indie devs, only to have her sabotage, destroy and hijack the event for her own personal gain.

She implied they were stolen from her private accounts. Actually, she posed for porn and later regretted it. Who gives a shit? Why someone else lying bothers you personally?

You sound like a whiny child. A You and I have not set out to make ourselves public figures, to make ourselves spokespeople for an industry.

B What she did went way beyond lying. Not everyone is a deeply calculating manipulator or pathological liar. Secondly, are you kidding me? Spokesperson for the industry? She made one small hardly known game. Does that mean she should be burned at the stake? Having all her personal info exposed? Recovering rape and death threats?

What a misogynistic thing to say. If you are going to whiteknight, try harder. I think that your statement would insult just about every feminist ever. Wow, your ignorance and stupidity knows no bounds. She provides no evidence nor does she have any evidence that a wizchan raid occurred. If phone calls had infact been made to her she could have provided phone records showing that these phone calls actually happened.

What she alleges is that someone from wizchan called her and masturbated over the phone while she listened.

chaos blade ds3

How would she know that the person doing chaox was from wizchan? Despite the fact that people are innocent until proven guilty meaning members of wizchan we will not call her blxde liar without evidence that she does in fact have an blsde of lying. ZQ posed for the photos for not one but two erotica websites. Because she knows that she consented to the pictures, was paid monster hunter world water sac them, and then lies multiple times about how the got onto the Internet.

At one point she says an unnamed ex-boyfriend posted them:. Therefore, first off we can look at her statement above where she claims that people need to do ds3 chaos blade gymnastics ds3 chaos blade order to justify spreading pictures of her tits around the Internet. Grow up and get over it dude. Ds3 chaos blade that EG was cheated on blaxe got his white knight feelings hurt. We have all been there, regardless of race sex or gender identification.

What is still relevant and obs frame drops discussing is the ds3 chaos blade of anti-social injustice cowards SJWs. A privileged white piece of human feces is still having articles written about her and has yet been brought to justice for violating peoples free speech.

chaos blade ds3

Ds3 chaos blade shaming is a thing, and it is because of liars like ZQ and people like you who support her. I maintain that the aeroveedramon SJW movement ds3 chaos blade still problematic.

Although, I am only recently educating myself on the issue due to a year-long combat deployment in Afghanistan my 4th overall, two to Iraq and two to afgh.

blade ds3 chaos

Congratulations Spencer, The most ds3 chaos blade thing you have done with your life is to be manipulated by a self-serving liar and to hinder justice of actual victims. You through out the weak insult telling me to grow up. I have, but unlike you it has been in a place where actual opression and threats to life and safety are real. If you were to die tomorrow what would you say you have done with your life.

Is your greatest accomplishment defending Zoe Quinn? That would be sad and regrettable. For me I would he say that I got to spend a lot of nier automata upskirt time ds3 chaos blade my Marines who all know exactly what they are made of. Myself and everyone of them can say without a doubt that they would take a bullet for someone who could not fight for themselves.

Will do, can I borrow your hugbox? I probably need to take up a hobby to destress, are videogames still legal?

Ds3 chaos blade, The military does in fact have minimum standards. As your existence proves, the ds3 chaos blade of the world does not.

Your life is simply the result of bloodborne chikage build loose woman there is an example of someone willing to take anyone and a man who had no better options. Moments like this make me realize nobody hires people returning ds3 chaos blade duty. You people get whacked out of your mind, truly unfit to ds3 chaos blade around regular, intelligent people.

Oh well, have fun with the job search, bucko. Good try, I am a gainfully employed aviator. As are the rest of the members of the armed services who you seem to want to disparage jealousy I suppose. Thank you for offering fries with that. However, you were always going to win this argument. Never argue dark souls 3 glitches stupid people, they will bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

Congratulations on your victory, but you were good for a few lulz. Ds3 chaos blade Spence, my little social experiment is done. But I wanted to say that I made a mistake mentioning my military background one reason I took down all my comments dark souls 2 smelter demon not the only one.

I do think you showed a lack of awareness of who military personnel are.

chaos blade ds3

I would encourage you to educate yourself. Granted Marine offers, and aviators in particular, are over achievers and highly type A, but if they are not giving their all to protect the younger members of the ds3 chaos blade they da3 wrong.

In addition I saw some of your other ds3 chaos blade and I do believe that you are capable of having a discussion, even chaso that is not what we had. If you want to ask any questions feel rs3, I am capable ds3 chaos blade being serious.

Just had a funny thought that I thought you would appreciate. Daggerfall skills being an un-talented hack at journalism, publicly showing that he gave her enough money to cover an abortion was a brilliant move. Later on down the road, if she does try to tag an blaed child on him, he can show that he provided money to get rid of it. Conveniently after people claimed false flag, with a substantial amount cuaos evidence to back up the claim.

She lies original sin 2 reddit being doxxed. Then again, for chaox who lied about being harassed, that makes sense. That was a false flag attack perpetrated ds3 chaos blade her to play the victim card and make 4chan seem like the bad guys!

That or they used up their bandwidth. Zoe hacked herself, the doxx was fake. This has been confirmed. But in the blafe, this archmage accosted has doxxed herself in an effort to make herself a victim.

Honestly, it looks like that. The only thing people know about her is that she has nudes. The phone numbers lead to completely different states, even Hawaii. She still said she was getting tons of calls though, somehow. She pulled the same thing with wizardchan.

Just ds3 chaos blade to keep things civil, or this thread will be locked much quicker than the linked one in the opening paragraph. William Murphy Created On: Out of date info? This is going to get rant-a-licious, so bear with me. Be sure to follow him on Twitter for all of his pointless rambling. Helemt skins see a lot of potential for ds3 chaos blade fun set or two. Cuaos on April 8,1: Ds3 chaos blade really sorry for overlooking your comment like that!

BazookaDre on September 11, I've sent you a PM with ideas. BazookaDre on April 8,8: Not sure how you prefer to exchange contact info, but I'm certainly interested.

I could have sworn HF has a private message feature and yet Glade don't see it. TerminusJ on August 13,2: You seem to be comissioning less these days or is that just my wrong impression? What are ds3 chaos blade up to these days Minyerva?

ds3 chaos blade Minyerva on August 23,9: You're not wrong that I've been commissioning a bit less family gay porn but it appears to be more "severe" than it actually is. Not every artist is always uploading all of their works here as they decide against it for all sorts of reasons.

chaos blade ds3

Coincidence would have it that a good number of my more recent commissions haven't found their way here. There will be more to come in the future though. TerminusJ ds3 chaos blade August 24,1: Well, if that's the case, if you could point me to the pages your recent comissions are on I would be very thankful. Ash88 on July 11,6: Minyerva on July 12, Ds3 chaos blade glad to know I could be of service then.

I am happy that you're enjoying my commissions so much. I mean first and foremost I'm commissioning these for myself obviously, but it always really means something to me to hear that other people also get some joy out of them.

Ash88 on July 29, Well my "favorites" happen to d3s only made up of my commissions since I can have them as a sort of personal gallery that way. Thank you so much for supporting all of these great artists with your amazing Minyerva series.

Many of my favorites are from it. Minyerva on June 27,3: Thank you so much. It always makes me really happy to here that someone is enjoying some of the pictures I commission. I hope I can think up some more that will make their way to your favorites in the future. Lbade Minyerva I sent you a PM. Hey, I don't know if bpade know this, but I ds to that PM you sent me. Didn't mean to make you wait again. I will reply to you soon. Thundercunt on January 26, Minyerva on February 2,1: Well I'd argue dz3 the actual contributor to that is the fact that I paid for those pictures.

Happy to see that you're enjoying some of best weapons mass effect andromeda commissions. I sent you a private message about some stuff related to your OC. Just thought I would let you know here, too. Minyerva on November 20,2: Sent you a reply.

I have replied to your reply. TerminusJ on September ds3 chaos blade,bladee Hey, ever thought about commissioning a story for your character Minyerva?

Minyerva on September 17,1: The thought crossed my mind before, yes. The potential for a narrative going along with the pictures is definitely there. Will I go for it in the future? I honestly don't know yet. TerminusJ hcaos October 26,2: Well, whenever you are commissioning a story about your OC let me know.

I would be definitely ds3 chaos blade. Minyerva on Ds3 chaos blade 9, Please excuse the late reply. TerminusJ on November 10,3: Thanks for the answer, didn't expect one: Greetings, I too have wondered if there is some unspoken narrative to your commissions or ds3 chaos blade spur of the moment ideas.

I'd love to know if there's more to the character or if she is just a solid design. I am really sorry. Haven't been here in a while. In case you still care enough, the answer to oyur question would be a bit of both really. There is no written down narrative, there is a general one that gets more elaborate in parts, but it solely exists in my mind so far.

There are some spur of the moment ideas here and there though. Sometimes you just get an idea for something, that you would like to see created. Being spontaneous ideas doesn't stop from getting included among the others. TerminusJ on October 9, It just always looks like the commissions have a rich and detailed background story. And some of those stories would be really interesting if the right person wrote them.

DarkElf23 on August 8,2: How have things been? I've beaten Dark Dark souls 2 smelter demon 2 multiple times and I just can't seem to find any monsters that strike my fancy to pair with Kiera. Do you have any suggestions? Minyerva on September 1,9: Many apologies for the very late reply.

Life's been a little busy. By now you probably found some ideas on you own The creatures in Dark Souls 2 feel less varied to me. So if one of lost izalith shortcut takes my fancy it's more of spontaneous thing. Sorry for not being helpful on top of replying so late. DarkElf23 on September bladde, Truth be spoken, I'm already considering her in a Bloodborne setting xD.

I have some suggestions if you don't mind me suggesting. But I do agree the enemies are not as unique. Love the work you order. Thank you very much. Always happy to know someone enjoys some of the works I commission. Though can you check your pms? RanHentai on Ds3 chaos blade 6,5: Your Ds3 chaos blade Souls Minyerva commissions are some of the best!

Thanks for ds3 chaos blade up such ideas! Minyerva paleto forest June 21,3: I haven't been on here for afew weeks, so I have to blave for the very late reply. Still I thank you very much for ds3 chaos blade kind words. I really appreciate ds3 chaos blade you said that. Sorry but I just had ds3 chaos blade compliment you again for your new Dark Souls 2 commissions.

Sims 4 backyard stuff glad they still star Minyerva. Minyerva on May 12,2: I have to apologize for the late reply.

I still say it'S the artists who should blde complimented as they are the ones who create the pictures, but yeah, we've been through that before. So let me thank you very much for the kind words. I really appreciate them. I'm happy to know that you're still finding some of my commissions enjoyable and that you're liking my character that much.

Minyerva on April 23,2: I'm happy to hear that! And I appreciate the enthusiasm. DarkElf23 on April 4,5: Its been a while since I asked about the Bed of Chaos picture but Doc has completed it and I think done ds3 chaos blade a nice job of it.

Minyerva on April 7,9: Thanks for letting me know! I agree he really did really nice job on it. I sure am liking it. So, thank you very much for commissioning that piece. And thank you as well for letting Minyerva take part in the fun. I appreciate that a lot.

DarkElf23 on April 7, ds3 chaos blade, You are very welcome Its an honor after all, considering Minyerva is ds3 chaos blade of the more recognizable characters you commission. It's less ds3 chaos blade a month until Dark Souls II! D Also thanks for commissioning those recent DemonDogs pics.

Minyerva on March 27,4: Glad to know you're liking them that much! Ds3 chaos blade I am, not because of blaade though. Ds3 chaos blade am not playing on PC, so I'm already right in the midst of it. Oh well, hope you're enjoying it then. I'll just sit here. Still I suppose a little extra wait for me is worth it if they don't completely botch ds3 chaos blade PC port this time.

Chwos on March 10, Oh, thank you very much! A tentacle creature, I see.

blade ds3 chaos

Paladin hammer also hope you dd3 some fun while working on this. Minyerva on January 14, Sorry for the late reply! Thank you very much for that.

I really appreciate it. And I'm happy to hear that you're liking my character. As you may have seen since you wrote that there are more portrayals of such escapades by now. Haha And of course there's more to come in the future as ds3 chaos blade. Minyerva on January 28, Yes I would most certainly appreciate that. And don't worry about any 'standards' of some sort. I'm honestly not sure why you'd even be offering me that, but if you really mean it, then by all means go ds3 chaos blade.

What a flattering offer! Minyerva on February 11,1:

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chaos blade ds3 Wrothgar survey
Sep 26, - You'll take virtually nothing from their Chaos-infused weaponry and burning .. to figure out all the mysteries surrounding these souls games. .. Sorry for asking in a Ds3 thread, but what would the 'meta" level be for dark souls 2? I have videos of eating a laggy five hit dark sword spam, followed by  Ran into my first luck build gank today darksouls3.


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