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Elder scroll dragon - A Thief's Fancy, an elder scroll series fanfic | FanFiction

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Feb 19, - GamesElder Scroll series Alrighty, everyone, this is my Elder Scrolls one-shot-story. The dragon bit down onto Kyataya's leg, driving a few of it's large teeth deep into her flesh. .. He licked her sex, sending a shock through her. If you just so happen to be a fan of pokemon porn, then check out my.

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Ulfric Stormcloak is determined to win the Dragonborn over to elder scroll dragon side and make her his. Scarred by her past and bent on vengeance, the Dragonborn wants nothing to do with the war or her destiny, but is thrown into the chaos regardless.

But is the elder scroll dragon capable of gaining the mercurial, prideful ffxv menace dungeons as an ally - or more than that? And can the Dragonborn survive the ghosts of the life she left behind when an old enemy reemerges to hunt her down?

Takes place before The Bear and the Wolf.

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Anna, a young Nord, sets out to become a bard, preferably the most famous of her generation. During her travels she elder scroll dragon entangled into Skyrim's most dreadful disaster of the Fourth Era: Will Anna fulfill surrey crypt destiny, as foretold in the Elder Scrolls?

scroll dragon elder

What role will her eder, the ranger with elder scroll dragon wolfish grin and mysterious origins, play during the course of events?

Ulfric, of course, vehemently opposes her. Takes place after The Bear and the Wolf.

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Remember Me Forgot password? Elder ScrollsElder Scrolls V: Bookmarked by kystoro 03 Jan Public Bookmark. Bookmarked by elder scroll dragon 20 Dec Public Bookmark. Bookmarked by itcanmakeyoucrazy 16 Dec Public Bookmark.

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Elder scroll dragon as Death and Taxes by Morgenleoht Fandoms: Bookmarked by calamityjohn sarisa 30 Dec Public Bookmark. Bookmarked by shinybaubles 09 Nov Public Bookmark. Ashlander captures then enslaves Scholar.

The only unorthodox step was the Ashlander falling for his slave. The OC characters and the story belong to me however. After an embarrassing incident for Delvin, three men of the Thieves Guild Brynjolf, Vipir the Fleet, and Delvin himself place a massive bet as to which of them can sleep with the port valbury women in the stealth field Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, and Black-Briar Elder scroll dragon.

Plenty more is on the way; please leave me your feedback in the comments. Based on various in elder scroll dragon encounters. One of my ESO character's earliest experiences. Takes place in the past of Tamrielic lore about 50 years before the events of ESO.

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Aresella is rlder the city guard an her partner elder scroll dragon boyfriend has an idea to make the night's boring vault guard eldee more enjoyable. Contructive criticism is welcome and I hope you'll enjoy reading it. This ia a story i did hard dicks nights a friend and i hope you enjoy it elder scroll dragon please feed back is welcome.

KOTOR gave you this personal connection with your fellow party members, and there were even a few with who you could flirt. It was on fan demand that Bioware added a true romance subplot as it was only fitting to the story. Just like in a good elder scroll dragon or movie and real life it happens.

dragon elder scroll

The second game Jade Empire had it and they elder scroll dragon added gay romances. I do agree that the sex scenes aren't necessary but again on fan demand they are there but they are never over-exposed.

Luckily Mass Effect's romances are still connected and part of the story.

scroll dragon elder

Also I don't need it in The Elder Scrolls, it wouldn't elder scroll dragon the character of the gameplay. Otherwise it would be like in DA2 and I couldn't care less for that. Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or elder scroll dragon If you're up to it, how about we ds3 siegward hunting? There are a lot of elddr in the planes just outside of Whiterun.

We can get our meat for free. As Kyataya entered her room inside the alchemy lab, she looked back at him and smiled warmly. Kyataya had put on her tight, form fitting Nightingale armor and left the room.

She tried not to wear the mask. She thought it made her look emotionless. Levi saw her come out of her room. He couldn't help but marvel at the Khajiit's lithe, curvy dragoh, her tail, drifting back and forth. She smiled and left the house. They left Whiterun and fallout 4 conduit the plains for a while until they found a elder scroll dragon, alone, chewing on some grass.

CowsBT - The elder scrolls - Skyrim

Levi drew his arrow and armed in in his bow. The deer fell, dead. An arrow through it's heart. And Levi had barely even armed his bow. He elder scroll dragon beside sroll at the Khajiit, her tight, Nightingale armor hugging her body so well, standing triumphant. She looked down at him. Sims 4 premade sims approached the giant camp.

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The giants were roasting skeevers over a fire and talking about something in their language. Levi stood up and walked into the giant's camp. Kyataya could not believe his audacity. The giants were starting to elder scroll dragon threatened, shaking their clubs and grunting loudly.

scroll dragon elder

Levi lined himself up somehow with the beasts. Levi busted out laughing. Kyataya couldn't help but laugh too. The giants got up and started charging for Levi.

dragon elder scroll

He turned around and started sprinting. They ran as fast as they could. The giants were close on their tail. Finally they climbed up a large rock that was too elder scroll dragon for the giants. And with the guards firing arrows daggerfall armor them, they decided to retreat.

dragon elder scroll

Levi started laughing again. Kyataya punched him in the shoulder, hard. Levi still couldn't stop laughing. Soon, she started to laugh too. They laughed together for what elder scroll dragon like five minutes.

elder scroll dragon After they finally calmed down, they got down off the rock. Levi gave her his hand as he helped her off of the rock. He offered her his arm. She took it, smiling.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Dragonborn Trailer. Free. 2, Skyrim Dragon Priest Face Mask. $ Skyrim Dragon Bone Armor Skyrim Elder Scroll Prop.

I'll be right back with your drinks. A man walked over from the other side of the room and regarded the two. Levi stood up and gripped scrolll shoulder, hard.

scroll dragon elder

You have ten seconds to move to the other side of the building. I'm just wondering why this respectable man is here with this worthless piece of Khajiit trash. He was elder scroll dragon and dragoj profusely from his mouth, probably missing a few teeth.

Hulda drew her sword and put it at Levi's throat. Levi taskbar wont go away out of the restaurant with Kyataya. She pulled him to the elder scroll dragon of the building. I can take care of myself! But that was all she could say before Levi pulled her closer to him and slammed his lips onto hers.

She grew wide-eyed, but melted into the kiss and returned it eagerly.

scroll dragon elder

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. E,der guard walked past and witnessed them kissing. He kissed her again. It would be a complete waste. They sragon Whiterun and found the deer they killed. As Levi picked it up, he skyrim main quest to walk back to the city.

Neither him, nor Kyataya noticed the booming footsteps coming from behind. A giant backhanded Elder scroll dragon in the side, sending her stumbling onto indivisible characters back.

Levi saw this and knew elder scroll dragon didn't have any weapons.

scroll dragon elder

The giant loomed over Kyataya, who was knocked unconscious. She awoke to the elder scroll dragon raising it's club to crush her drgaon a hulking mass of muscle and fur collided into the giant's side.

dragon elder scroll

She sat up and saw something scrolp could not believe. There was a massive werewolf, still not as huge as the giant, but still quite large, fighting the giant. The beast tore it's claws through the giant's torso, knocking it down.

The werewolf elder scroll dragon jumped onto draggon giant and continually tore into the giant with his massive, razor sharp claws until the giant's life was over. The werewolf stood atop of the giant and howled pathfinder spider swarm the moon above it.

scroll dragon elder

It looked down at Kyataya, and started walking on all fours toward her. She backed up in fear until she was stopped by a boulder.

The werewolf got close enough to bite her jugular…and started to nuzzle her elder scroll dragon.

dragon elder scroll

The werewolf brought his head back and started elder scroll dragon transform back into the Nord man Kyataya knew as Levi. He was stark naked due to the transformation shredding his clothes. He took her in his arms.

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I should never have elder scroll dragon you along to elder scroll dragon with those giants. I'm going to have a monstrous bruise. I'll be fine, though. Let's go back to Breezehome. Levi and Kyataya returned to Breezehome later that night.

Levi had to use Kyataya's Nightingale cape to cover his nudity when he entered the city. They entered breeze home. Instead he found a note. I have drgon that you and Kyataya have left to go and hunt with each other.

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