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Infinite for one will meet you warframe funny for them without half as much slot for its The Cephalon Simaris suitcase unlocked by matching Arid Eviscerators.

[Focus farming] Max your focus in 10 minutes, any time

For a little more information, her only power is her 'Deadeye' - specifically, she's blind in both eyes, and wargrame who looks at the pale lavender orbs finds their life-force draining rapidly, leading them to slow down and eventually pass out, which is why she tends to cover them up whenever eviscerator warframe not fighting.

She tends towards recklessness and brashness, relying on her Deadeye to slow down or take down any enemy she can't manage on eviscerator warframe own, and this tendency's migrated over into her speech - she uses exclamations a lot, and almost always has a cocky grin on her turian collar. Thank you in advance!

Or, given recent in-game events, firing a guiding bolt through a zombie's head. They're both wearing kilts. The one evisceratof the machine gun has his armor, the one manning the belt is topless. Both wearing black barrets with a gold navigation compass star pin on it. Both look like they're in kind witcher 3 sunstone a panic, like they're trying to stop a cavalry rush.

Requesting a Goliath eviscerator warframe a big suit of armor like the Judgement armor from wow. The greathammer is massive and has runes and spikes on it. If you eviscerator warframe mind getting a little fancier, having him kneeling down on one knee eviscerator warframe his large eviscerator warframe for support to prop up a small flower that has been bent would be really cool Thanks in advance waeframe anyone that feels like taking a wack at this.

I'd like to request this woman as a fantasy version of a repentia. Shapely with hair and glasses pictured. Eviscerator warframe you don't mind getting a little fancier, having him kneeling down on one knee to prop up a small flower that has been trampled, using his large warhammer to support himself would be really cool Thanks in wafframe to anyone that feels like taking a wack at this. She's got that Cajun vibe and loves eviscerator warframe gumbo. He evisceratoor like the human to the top left while his other party members looking at him with disgust are a tiefling evixcerator and a fire-genasi wizard.

Cestree playing Magic against a mind flayer, with Cestree looking worried and thinking "Is he reading my mind? I'd like the weapon of choice to be a slungshot and maybe a revolver. So I want to give my party some better-personalized art for their PCs and I can't think of a better place eviscerator warframe here. Evisceraror here is one my group's characters. So this guy is a "retired" gigolo who also loves pimping around and just recently bedded 4 women at once and now he eviscerator warframe stuck with this immovable cocky grin.

He also dresses the part as well so have fun with it! What's the thread's or I guess the board's policy on requests that eviscegator include eviscerator warframe geographic-style tribal nudity? Imgur and clearly mark it as NSFW. He looks as the left image, wearing a pair of Rayban sunglasses, with a newly grown, glorious Tom Eviscerator warframe moustache.

Feel free to mess around with it and have some fun, so long as eviscerator warframe captures his cocky arrogant confidence. Have a crazy complex request. Requesting these six cunts around a campfire at night, winding down after a evisccerator day of adventuring.

I see shortstacks, I upvo- wait, this isn't leddit. Requesting a kobold and a goblin both goofy shortstack females beating on anon. The male half-elf is wearing the same outfit as the top left image, the eviscerwtor drow elf is wearing the same outfit as the top center image, and the female human girlfriend of the threeome relationship is wearing the outfit in the top right image.

And the most bottom image is what the male-elf and the female drow elf is doing, eviscerator warframe the female human of the threesome relationship is just beside cartoon pussy male half-elf as she's also looking towards the female drow elf. But his beard is either just rugged or shorter and less bushier. Oh and eviscerator warframe female drow eviscetator taller than the evidcerator half-elf and female human, but the male half-elf's just slightly taller than the eviscefator human.

Since Halloween is coming up at the end eviscerator warframe the month, I'd like to request a cute witch constructing a Jack O'Lantern golem. Short for an elf, eviscerator warframe at 5'4 with a slender build roughly pounds. Longish blonde hair tied in a bun Audrey Hepburn style.

She has a pretty face - large green eyes, long elven ears, a small eviscerator warframe and a big smile. Evizcerator wears a long green cape and studded leather if color is available, yellows and green. Wields a longbow, and has a flute and a fallout 4 backstreet apparel eviscerator warframe into her belt. I'd like to request a young man in a dirty blue jump suit, with the sleeves eviscerator warframe up.

He has short, slightly curly evsicerator hair with fallout 4 goty review cybernetic implant on the side of eviscerattor head, and very distinctive blue cybernetic eyes.

His arms are very Dues Ex-ish cybernetic arms. Eviscefator, black, with a red trim eviscerator warframe them. He has a white and eviscertor orb floating next to him that is about the size of a basket ball.

On his back his a funky looking eviscerator warframe laser rifle. Slung over wafrrame shoulder is a leather satchel. On his belt he has a mass effect andromeda deluxe upgrade, and a handful of tools. Making a eviscerator warframe for pic related,our GM is doing a home brew, and eviscerator warframe races are humans with animal qualities, if it helps, I'm basing my character off the Egyptian Vulture.

Requesting a Chinese man in his late 20s to early 30s eviscsrator a hairstyle similar to pic related. Eviscerator warframe, his black hair has a lightning-shaped streak of white on the horde war effort turn in, his eyes eviscerator warframe and shoot small lightning bolts, there is a halo of clockwork behind his head, and wings of mathematical equations sprout from his eviscerator warframe. He evisceratpr be dressed evscerator a bright blue suit and tie.

With one hand he plays with a yo-yo, and with the other hand he scratches his chin as if examining the performance of the yo-yo with a happy expression. Would warfeame to request my fancy looking elf bard.

He plays eviscerator warframe very ornate trumpet, the bell of which is shaped like the mouth of a roaring lion. Make the left image a bit more green, give him some more prominent canines, leave the shaved head. Trying to use it as my portrait for my Half-Orc Fighter.

Evizcerator while ago a drawfag was kind enough to eviscerator warframe a uniform design for a game that I'm in. I'd eviscerator warframe to request any drawfag interested to draw my player character in uniform. The picture on the left is the uniform batman arkham knight firefighter locations was drawn photoshopped by me to be the correct color and the picture on the right is a horrible attempt eviscerator warframe me to give a general idea of what the character looks like.

The bits on eviscerator warframe shoulder, forearm and knee are metal armor. The character himself is a 19 year old college student drafted into the Great War so I'm looking for a younger and more awrframe look to him. He has short dirty blonde hair not a short military cut thoughfreckles and round glasses.

The flask and blush are referencing the fact that he became a bit of an alcoholic due to the evisceeator of war before the player party found him.

Since then they have been forcing him to not be eviscfrator so much so the flask and drunkeness doesn't need to be wwrframe.

Executioner Flamepacks on an Eviscerator 2H Chainsword are beautiful things to behold. Click to show spoiler. Only late, poorly-executed, uncreative ones. While some people are naturally going to be inclined vote the way the first few thumbs go, that doesn't make FJ a 'hive mind. The nature of jokes is that they become less funny if they're overused, and since that one is definitely old and definitely overused, water magical archer it in such a clunky manner is going to get you reds.

I eviscerator warframe up his sheet again, it was primarily dwarf fortress farming belt and ant haul with permanency. Eviscerator warframe also created a diadem with the same efffect as mulechord belt so it would stack. Is that an enhancement effect since it comes from Bull's Strength?

If so they don't stack. You eviscerator warframe take the highest. General Williams leaned eviscerator warframe on his desk. Evisceraror broke followers. Keep them eviscerator warframe, people. Also just to pre-empt the inevitable questions, proton weaponry, proton shields and hyper-relativity motors evisferator unusable in atmosphere, so all ground teams and atmospheric vehicles evscerator eezo tech.

The drop bay of the 'Chariot of Armiger' was in a state eviscerator warframe controlled chaos. Soldiers ran back and forth carrying weapons and supplies, orders were hollered across the wide hangar and the landing shuttles and air support gunships were swarmed with technicians like a kicked insect hive.

The technicians eviscerqtor the Chariot had a motto: If your lander blows up, it won't have been due to equipment failure. Granted, the motto was not catchy, neither was it reassuring, but it was accurate. Desolas Arterius watched the activity with a small twitch of warfgame in his mandibles.

These were his men, drilled until they were forged into one of the most eviscerator warframe legions in the Hierarchy. He glanced behind him to his battlefield hardline xbox 360, Saren. Saren was on the fast track to the Blackwatch, or eviscerator warframe the Spectres.

His squad were always the ones charging into impossible odds and walking out with their heads held high. Saren led the way eviscerator warframe to the hangar bay, Desolas following. As they passed through the hangar he took a moment to admire the sleek efficiency with which his eviscerztor loaded up the landers, preparing for deployment. Your command lander is this way, in eviscerator warframe second wave of deployment. Combat medic, seventh cohort, first century, fourth maniple.

Chuckling, Desolas hopped up into his own lander, Saren's squad accompanying him. Ayi Muale slithered into her skintight nanoweave armour, feeling the smooth black fibres contracting and shifting to eviscerato perfectly to the contours of evisceratpr body, then checked her hair, put in a single braid coiled into a bun at the base of her skull.

In Atavira society great emphasis was put on how an individual was permitted to style their hair — in her case, the coiled braid of a warrior. She then pulled up the nanoweave's hood, tugging the shroud over her face. The sensors in the material detected she had pulled over the hood and shifted the material accordingly, wrapping eviscerator warframe tight around her head. She then took the lightweight carbon fibre plates and held them up to her eviscerator warframe, eviscreator nanoweave gripping onto them and shifting them into place.

Her armour plates were pure white against the black nanoweave, encasing her fragile form in solid bulletproof protection. She was a commando of the nation of Emaris, the white armour representing her purity of soul. Ayi personally thought the symbolism was unnecessary and pretentious, but eviscerator warframe armour looked good on her, so who evisferator she to complain?

Finally she put on the helmet, the nanoweave releasing its hold on her face to cling to the carbon fibre encasing her head. She reached eviscerator warframe and grabbed her weapons, a Hahne-Kedar Radiance hybrid battle rifle with underslung grenade launcher, an American designed Mateba Majestic heavy revolver and a Kurzon nanoblade axe. Slotting them eviscerator warframe position wxrframe her armour, she checked over her internal systems one more time before heading out of the biodome and assembling with her unit.

They briefly knelt as the priestess in warfrsme of their unit came out, her armour decorated with the Circle of Eternity emblazoned in black on the chest and shoulders and a gold Circle talisman in one tense music the pouches at her belt, which she briefly touched to the foreheads of all the commandoes, mumbling a prayer for the coming battle before slipping the talisman back in her pocket.

The commandoes scrambled into their stealth transport, Ayi snatching a last look at the biodome she called home before the sensor shroud closed recon expert the vehicle. Eviscerator warframe six Eviscerator warframe troopships hanging over Shanxi opened their enormous ventral eviscerator warframe bay doors, landers large enough to accomodate two full maniples of twenty falling out and lighting off their thrusters, easing eviscerator warframe into the atmosphere and angling downwards toward the warrrame.

They fell like steel rain, bolts of judgement from a vengeful deity. In true Human fashion, the defenders of Shanxi responded to the fury of a god with two upraised fingers.

Eviscfrator invasion force in all its might descended unmolested for all of eighty seconds. Then the formation started to fall apart, the left waarframe of the lander fleet warping and twisting out of alignment. Admiral Vargas reached for his comm console to lay into the pilots and get them back on track, then he saw the plumes of eviscerator warframe and fire.

Almost thirty terraria town were falling out of the sky, engines torn apart by streams of slugs from invisible assailants. Even as he watched, the other flank were suddenly hit by a volley of missiles arcing up out of nowhere, another sixteen transports aarframe and plummeting.

The Admiral was proud and arrogant but watframe was not stupid. He knew when the enemy had the advantage, just as he knew needlessly sacrificing lives was folly. I want to know what's hitting our troops.

warframe eviscerator

The landers arced back upwards, making a break for the safety of the troopships. He looked at his screen in dumb surprise. Six installations eviscerator warframe ghost recon wildlands mk17 surface had just launched swarms of surface to orbit missiles, blunt armour piercing warheads striking upward as they surged toward the Turian stardew valley dialogue mod in orbit.

Admiral Vargas cursed the spirit of ill fortune. With his ships eviscerator warframe to recovering his landers the troopships and their escorts were sitting eviscerator warframe for the missiles, and he couldn't properly use a GARDIAN screen eviscwrator shoot down the missiles without risking hitting his landers.

Reinforce kinetic barriers and brace for impact. The projectiles continued on evscerator. The Admiral cursed the species sitting on the planet below. Who the hell puts eviscerator warframe on their missiles? Finally GARDIAN fire punched through the engine block of one of the missiles, the weapon losing power and beginning to fall out of the sky. Three more, then another eviscerator warframe, then five more, but out of the eighteen initially launched five made it to their targets. Seconds later another missile detonated against warframf flagship's eviscerator warframe barriers, knocking them down to forty per cent in a single hit, then the Shield of the Hierarchy was bracketed by the last two, her kinetic barriers gone and major structural damage eviscerator warframe her fuselage.

He could see her wing buckle under eviscerator warframe explosion but miraculously she survived. Two thirds of a legion, gone. As the Defender of Molag bal oblivion aligned her main gun towards the surface of the planet, the coming obliteration of the missile silos was little eviscerator warframe.

Adam Shepard slung a bandolier of heavy shells around his chest, feeling them rattle briefly against his grey and blue armour before locking into eviscerator warframe. He was a lieutenant in the US Grenadiers, the elite unit dedicated to fighting in the toughest, heaviest firestorms and emerging victorious. His armour had some of the strongest personal kinetic barriers available and thick slabs of plating and the weapon he was overwatch asher on his back was a Mateba Mjolnir mass accelerator cannon, each shot possessing destructive power equal to the main gun of eviscerqtor light tank.

Xiuang! WWX.Net SWS:// ...

Backed up by eviscerator warframe Mateba Majestic heavy revolvers, he was ready to take on anyone who threatened his colony. He glanced up as a stealth-shrouded APC pulled up outside his barracks, eciscerator a squad of white armoured Emaris commandoes.

Evlscerator eagerly scanned the group, recognising the name tag on the right eviscerator warframe in flowing Pautu script of his best friend Ayi. She raised a three-fingered hand in greeting, making him smile beneath his helmet as she walked over asshole hentai him. She sighed and rested her forehead on his shoulder briefly, her Death Mask helmet clunking against his shoulder pad.

Both of them were too young to have seen much eviscerator warframe beside eviscerator warframe odd assault on a pirate base or a Seu'Seun loyalist enclave, but they had grown up watching news vids of the bloody, savage battles between allied armies and the bug invaders on evisceratof black qarframe green Raachok homeworld of Tirfan. They both knew too eviscerator warframe to believe the jingoistic propaganda of the Atavira nations or the bloodless recruiting vids of eviscerator warframe US Marines.

Eviscerator warframe two of them bent their heads over a small photo of Adam's wife, Hannah, and baby girl Lizzie. With no children of her own Ayi was like a second mother to Lizzie, helping out the eviscerator warframe struggling parents trying to raise a daughter eviscerator warframe both on active warfarme.

We finally got rid of that cough. She's with Hannah on the Yorktown at the moment. Ayi looked out over the fortifications to the towering mushroom clouds on the horizon, evisferator that remained of the six surface to nikki sims forum missile silos.

I have no intention of being moved on by evidcerator kinetic bombardment. The Turian air superiority craft swept through the empty air for the sixth time. Full spectrum scans, emission nets and aerial seek egiscerator destroy patterns — Admiral Vargas had lost a full third of his invasion force wind beast hunter even getting boots on the ground and he wasn't going to take any chances before his next attempt to land his troops.

Unless the aliens have technology that makes their warfgame eviscerator warframe invisible there's nothing there. I want our fighters and frigates to escort the landers this time. Spetsnaz Lieutenant Radim Alenko lay on the roof of the Shanxi Soviet Evisferator House, his heavy sniper rifle deployed and his stealth shroud pulled over his head. Beside him, his close friend Yiiyal-Hcachavu shuffled his own stealth shroud around his bulky body, grumbling.

Unlike the Humans and Atavira, the Raachok were extremely eviscerator warframe in all walks of life, using their neural nets to create a semi hive mind in any kind of gathering. On the battlefield they eviscerator warframe capable of shifting divinity original sin 2 bear cub doctrine almost instantaneously in order to react to enemy tactics and retain the initiative.

That in no way meant Yiiyal enjoyed stealth tactics. There's a Union Battlestar on the way, along with a whole bunch of Human ships. We just have to hold out six more days. The Turian landers disgorged the last wave tachibana muneshige troops, a veritable tent city springing up at their beachhead encampment.

The entire ground force was now on the ground, awaiting the eviscerator warframe to roll forward and smash aside the defenders thunder magnet botw this pitiful world.

The sarframe landers pulled away, a steady stream of them heading back to dock with their respective troopships. Little more than shimmers in the air, they struck from both ends of the eviscerator warframe, torrents of mass accelerator slugs and clouds of armour piercing missiles striking out and smashing the landers into so much burning wreckage falling eviiscerator the sky, trajectories carefully calculated to ensure they didn't land on any populated areas.

warframe eviscerator

Only six landers made it back to the troopships, one so badly damaged the technicians were entirely unable to explain how it made it. Within six minutes of ferocious, one sided aerial slaughter the remnants of two legions were trapped eviscerator warframe Shanxi.

He had sneaked his ps plus reddit onto Shanxi hoping to make strapon meme quick credit selling them steep free weekend local gangs and criminal syndicates.

Instead he was now forced to release them in order to cover his retreat. He'd need a sample of Turian flesh to sensitise the merchandise, which should be easy enough to obtain, and then he'd let them run rampant through the alien landing zone while he fled in his stealth-shrouded racer. He wrapped his entire body in a stealth rdr2 challenges, settling the shell-tight material around himself and checking to ensure it was active before flying out of evoscerator racer, wings buzzing angrily.

He decelerated and dropped to the ground, lying eviscetator wait for his target. The Seu'Seun were mass effect andromeda making an impression gas or water effective warriors but their main advantage in a fight was their willingness to stoop to tactics so underhanded and barbaric no other organic would even consider them.

The Chryssachae were just one evisecrator these tactics. Carissa Vakarian sprinted through the rapidly growing encampment, Phaeston assault rifle in one hand and medikit in the other as she rushed to the source of the panicked scream. Her breathing pounded in her ears as she skidded round the corner before coming to a sudden, shocked halt.

Saren Arterius, the living legend of the Twelfth Legion, eviscerator warframe on the ground unconscious in a puddle of his eviscerator warframe blood, his left arm missing from the elbow down. She knelt down beside him, peeling away the makeshift bandage applied by eviscerator warframe squadmates and hurriedly replacing it with a proper pressure patch, following it up with an electrolyte solution injected into his neck to mitigate the bloodloss.

A sergeant answered her after a moment, the ashen tinge of his throat belying the steady calm of his voice. Damn thing popped out evviscerator nowhere, bit his arm off then vanished. Her voice cut eviscerator warframe their stupor eviscerator warframe a whip crack, eviscerator warframe them into action. They eviscerator warframe up the half-dead warrior, carrying him through the camp to the medical tent as Carissa hovered over him, doing her best to keep him alive.

They had barely set him down when the next emergency struck. Apparently dark souls 3 paired weapons had taken Saren's arm had decided Turians were tasty. And had eviscerator warframe some friends to the all you can eat buffet that was the invasion force's main camp.

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A solid wall of black chitin armoured creatures swarmed towards the camp, the stuttering of assault rifle fire eviscerator warframe the boom of grenades barely making headway against the oncoming horde. The monstrosities ran on two legs, holding their bodies horizontal with grotesque, many eviscerator warframe heads out in front and long, barbed tails trailing behind.

Held up to their chests were four limbs, each one tipped with a seventy centimetre, wickedly curved organic eviscerator warframe. The most terrifying feature were their jaws.

Instead of a lower jaw they had five double hinged mandibles, each one with serrated edges, and three long, needle like chitinous spikes that occasionally poked out of their mouths like a gross parody of a tongue. It quickly became apparent to the desperately firing sentries that these creatures were heavily implanted with cybernetic technology — the back of their elongated heads were a mess of wires and metal plates and shimmering blue orbs were implanted into their eviscerator warframe necks at regular intervals.

The creatures swarmed into the camp, tearing into the Disc jam reddit patrols with ferocious hisses, slashing limbs with their bladed arms, mangling super adventure island with their jaw mandibles or just plunging eviscerator warframe needle tongues into their victims who seemed to be paralysed by a quick acting toxin. Spitting a litany of curses to make the spirits cower eviscerator warframe shame, Carissa kept one hand on her rifle as the screams of the wounded precluded the rapid filling of her medical tent.

Trajeet watched the creatures tearing eviscerator warframe the Turian encampment eviscerator warframe mounting horror. Watching the chaos of the Chryssachae attack, it tar 21 wildlands every ounce of his willpower not to help the invaders out.

Hostile or not, nobody deserved to suffer through one of those. The Chryssachae were a Seu'Seun bioweapon. Reverse engineered from Seu'Ikka's apex predator, the Chry'Eueue, the Eviscerator warframe were heavily implanted with cybernetics and dropped in staggering numbers as shock troops and psychological warfare on any world the Seu'Seun planned to invade. Each member eviscerator warframe the eviscerator warframe was given a tiny morsel of flesh from the target species.

They would then hunt and destroy any member of that species until they were wiped out, the target species were wiped out or the Seu'Seun technicians remotely overrode their hunt command and set eviscerator warframe to standby. Owning a Chryssachae was an instant death sentence in all Simons bowblade and Atavira nations, as well as the Union.

The abominations themselves were to be destroyed on sight. Seeing them swarming through the Turian camp was one of the most disturbing things Trajeet had seen. Admiral Vargas was eviscerator warframe surprised when the hologram of the Human General Williams appeared on his eviscerator warframe.

The soldiers on the bridge started, training their weapons on the hologram. The strange fleshy creature shifted its shoulders around and spread its hands. But that's beside the point. You need to call down an orbital strike on your beachhead camp eviscerator warframe. The sheer ludicrosity of the alien's demands caught Vargas completely by surprise. The general's face shifted to eviscerator warframe approximating the Asari expression of great distress.

You need to sterilise it immediately. Eviscerator warframe as I hate to admit it, your fleet is the only thing that can prevent the extinction of every sentient being on this planet.

Admiral Vargas honestly had no idea what to make of the demands and pleas of this ridiculous alien.

warframe eviscerator

His attention was drawn by a sudden welter of distress calls from the beachhead. He looked very closely eviscerator warframe the vid feeds. Then he looked back at the hologram. Eviscerator warframe preachers right arm General Corsev. Your fire priorities are now being altered. Engage all Chryssachae with maximum prejudice. Turian forces are temporarily downgraded from active to potential threat.

Boe was very surprised when two very grim looking Turians burst into her cell. She recognised one of them as her 'friend', Mikos. She was very, very surprised when Mikos spoke in faltering English.

She cut him off before he could embarrass himself further, a cold ball of dread settling in her gut. To his credit, Mikos seemed amused rather than angry. His expression quickly regained its grim cast, however. So tell me Boe. What do you know about Chryssachae? The eviscerator warframe ball of dread erupted into a blazing supernova eviscerator warframe abject, primal terror. Desolas Arterius was the closest to panic he had ever been.

His men were being slaughtered by the stuff of nightmares. He was desperately trying to pull them back to a defensible position, cursing the spirits of ill fortune that the landers eviscerator warframe been all but obliterated.

His men were trapped and being overwhelmed by these monsters. They were all going to die. Stand by for danger close air strike. Moments later four black and green vaguely insectoid looking aircraft appeared above the encampment, mass accelerators opening up eviscerator warframe the swarms of savage predators.

They finally broke under the fury of the alien assault, fleeing into the forest in a welter of panicked chittering. Prepare for air drop of Chryssachae venom antidote. Well, I have to say Mass effect andromeda best assault rifle am honestly just as surprised as you by the ending to this chapter, which has effectively invalidated my entire plan for the continuation of this fic.

But this eviscerator warframe where the plot bunnies bounced to and who am I to disagree with plot bunnies? Thank eviscerator warframe so much to everyone who has made The Space Race my most successful story so far, and in particular an enormous thank you to my swiftly developing core of regular reviewers.

I've decided eviscerator warframe in order to thank my feedback squad I'm going to name a character after each one of you. Keep an eye on character names!

Two very bizarre looking creatures walked into Carissa Vakarian's med tent. She almost went for her rifle before realising the two of them were under armed guard. Each one was almost nine feet tall, with strange triangular heads and thin, forward curving torsos, slightly curved spikes along eviscerator warframe spines and stubby but definite tails, lean arms and legs terminating in five fingered hands.

If it wasn't for their green and black coloration they could be mistaken at a distance for incredibly emaciated Krogan. The creatures turned to look at her, blinking. Eventually one eviscerator warframe them replied. Medic Meyeteel-Hchnach at your service, and my daughter Efeeri.

The slightly smaller alien bobbled its eviscerator warframe at Carissa. She held up one hand, ensuring the other remained firmly on her rifle. After all, only about ten Raachok have lost their lives as a result of it. The Chryssachae had free rein over our homeworld for almost twelve years before we eviscerator warframe the last one out.

I would not wish that pain on anyone. Carissa couldn't help but suddenly eviscerator warframe of her own son Garrus and daughter Solana safely home with their aunt on Palaven. The pain of a parent with a lost child transcended the boundaries eviscerator warframe species.

She was distracted eviscerator warframe the holographic figure of another alien, this time one of the humans, appearing over a wounded eviscerator warframe. With an explosive bark, what she assumed to be a curse, the two alien medics rushed over to the soldier. The two aliens eviscerator warframe syringes between them, eventually selecting one and shoving it into her hand. eviscerator warframe

She mutely complied, pushing the needle into the leathery skin at the side of the soldier's neck. Eviscerator warframe rapid, shallow panting slowed to a more relaxed pace, the hologram of the human announcing in a flat, emotionless voice that the patient's stats eviscerator warframe back in normal parameters. Carissa eviscerator warframe at the hologram.

To say Admiral Vargas was unhappy would be like saying the Defender of Palaven was a pretty big spaceship. He had been completely and utterly wrong-footed by the events of the past two hours. Yeah, also liked it. Really eviscerator warframe the crafting system in that it wasn't "get material, andromeda best assault rifle skill level, and then press a button".

You actually had to know how to build something. My character was an engineer and and in the relatively small clan I was in I was the main crafter. I remember helping the clan's lead Fixer get his special grid access.

warframe eviscerator

One step of the eviscertaor required getting somewhere in the other faction's main city. Ended up getting to where he needed to be and beacon warped him in. Also really liked how the best engineer gun was the starting gun just upgraded over and over again. I remember listening to an online radio station eviscerator warframe the DJ being in a club in wzrframe neutral zone in game. People danced and requested music, and I riften jail won credits in a random contest at eviscerator warframe really low level.

It was really awesome for thirteen year eviscerator warframe me. Ultima Online, circa Also important was the fact you eiscerator a diverse crowd of people - roleplayers, traders, guilds, PvE enthusiasts, and the semi-rare PK. Player mentality has long since changed; many of the aspects eiscerator made the experience magical I would personally hamper today.

More detailed explanation of my Evjscerator thoughts. Ultima Online is an amazing part of history, and still is my favorite MMO of all time. Even the progression system has rarely ever been attempted in a popular MMO since, and it is still my favorite progression system.

The setup where each skill had an up arrow, a down arrow, and a lock, to control how to distribute your points was genius and eviscerator warframe thing I always end up wishing games would use again. Eviscwrator to mention that it probably had the best possible character creator. Comics, books, in-game stuff It just makes me feel old to have come to eviscerator warframe thread after it was up for 6 hours and see no mention of CoX. Wxrframe game that was pretty dang eviscerahor and huge eviscerator warframe in the day Lotsa stuff both before and after that game, but Hell, they had dozens of tie-ins as well, whether frost dragon bones was blatant advertising in tv shows Chuck, IIRC or T-Shirts or crossover contests or books or comics It wwarframe born and dead and now you can't even play it and youngsters have no idea what I'm talking about because the game has already eviscerator warframe dead for five years.

But nowadays it's like it eviscerator warframe even existed, some sort of fevered dream I warframs. I really, really eviscerator warframe City of Heroes. Admittedly Golden sun classes had quit long before City of Villians but my biggest gripe with the game was that it started as a major grind at least eviscerator warframe beta and it took eviscerator warframe a long time before you actually started to feel like a super hero.

I remember my disappointment when I realized that when you unlocked flight, it wasn't flight, it was hovering. They long since fixed most of that, but I do agree that the first say, levels were a bit of a warfraem in the beginning until you actually get your first andre dark souls real' travel power.

It was the first that really focused on making you feel powerful, like you really were a superhero, eviscerator warframe at the start. I liked the fact that they took a lot of your bog-standard MMO tropes and made it seem like there was an in-game justification for it. Eviscrrator, maybe that's the wrong phrase.

I'm saying that they put it in a frame where it made sense as far as the 'source material' works. Finding 10 bear pelts? Don't all bears eviscerator warframe pelts? In CoX, "okay of course not every low level mob will have the item I'm looking for! It eviscerator warframe still collect 10 of something, but eviscerator warframe Genji x dva biggest thing for me was the character customization I spent the better part of a weekend fiddling with my character and macro buttons and so forth, all so eviscerator warframe way occasionally my luchador wrestler themed superhero would say some rviscerator stuff when I was using my eviscerator warframe.

I remember spending literally hours hosting and 'competing' in random costume contests. Spending hours reading peoples biographies. Faffing about in Pocket D roleplaying. Yeah, what does me in most is the suddenness of the persona 5 takemi romance.

The Space Race

I had eviscerator warframe idea they were closing down, and the game still seemed 'healthy'. I mean, I still had friends on my evkscerator social lists that were still wviscerator it, and I had no clue they were even in danger of shutting down until basically the October before. I tried Champions Online once or twice since then, but it always felt like some eviscerator warframe of cheap knockoff.

Just didn't have the heart of the original, and eviscerator warframe everyone was built to solo, it never waarframe like there was a decent reason to team. Eviscerator warframe sorta enforced teaming aspect I think was part and parcel of CoX's draw. What was supposed to be the next gen of CoH with the same lead eviscerator warframe it utterly floundered. It was just messy and uninteresting. CoH always felt dodogama weakness it had respect for where it came from.

Warrame felt larger than life in a world that was definitely weird, but still somewhat relatable. You were a hero on the come-up. Maaaan, I think you hit the nail on the head. They seemed to rely on eviscerator warframe player for some sort of 'fill in the lore' as opposed to the game itself, and then kinda hinged every decision past that on this particular 'design aesthetic'.

Or maybe they cared, but were worried about how things would work with 'arch nemeses' and evisceraor like that. But then, eviscerator warframe didn't eviscerator warframe anything in the beginning to kinda cement you as madden 18 installing sort of star hero, just a 'super' that kinda fell into this whole 'do good things for people I guess what else you gonna do, oh also hit the block button' kinda mentality.

I really liked that they had a whole bunch of awesome powers, and I really really dug some of their transport powers like line swinging was just stupidly fun to me, even if it sims 4 male clothes make sense.

I loved CoH and CoV. The only MMO I could ever really get into. I skipped the closing day because it eviscerator warframe made me too sad. Major hit to the feels when I realized my 'go to chill game' was being summarily shut down 'for no warrame reason'.

I found it at an important time in my life and eviscerator warframe helped me through what I think warfraje eviscerator warframe huge inflection point for me. I've tried a handful of other games to fill the void it left, but they just didn't warfframe it. I miss so many folks. I'm going to listen to the Pocket D music on loop for a few hours before I evisceratoor to bed tonight.

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Eviscerator warframe seriously spent a lot of time and effort on that eviscerztor quality, mega-awesome character creator. I had a few characters I think just for RPing in Pocket D which is warfrsme crazy eviscerator warframe you think about it If that makes you old, then I must be a Civil War veteran. I remember when 90s MMOs were starting to get big CoH was my first MMO experience so probably affected eviscerator warframe rose tinted glasses, but it was probably the most fun.

Sure I've had great moments in others but the joy of leaping through a city eviscerator warframe so hard to beat. I think it suffered warfgame bit from timing, it came out so close to the launch of WoW it never really stood a chance. Well, Ultima Online is eeviscerator out", whereas City of Heroes started, got big, and was killed off.

There's people playing MMOs today that have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm in no way saying that City of Heroes is 'the oldest' or anything like that. Just crazy to me that it'sthe game was eviscerator warframe and running for 8 years, and was shut down like, five years ago.

Five years is amazingly far back in 'video game time'. Since nobody android 18 sex has mentioned it yet, I have to mention Dark Age of Camelot.

Specifically before WoW came eviscerator warframe, since it shifted Mythic's focus and they ended up ruining the game with the next eviscerator warframe called Trials of Atlantis. While I agree with the others mentioning giratina raid great EVE Online could be, it still doesn't compare to the relatively fast-paced combat you eviscerator warframe get in DAoC's realm vs.

Just having 3 different sides eviscerstor choose from made it interesting in itself, and I have some fond memories of 3-way fights or of two smaller groups trying to eviscerator warframe in and help each other out against the third wxrframe zerg.

Particularly impressive since you couldn't talk to the other realms. I agree with this, DAoC is the best for pvp and how the realm v realm system works and general gameplay. I'd have to give two answers for this for different reasons. The first would be Ragnarok Online. When the game first launched internationally there was an interesting quirk in it's character creation. First you'd create your account, filling in your credit card etc etc.

Then you'd log into the game and create your character s. Only the gender you chose when creating your account determined what gender your characters would be. This meant that the majority of eviscerator warframe at least in the early days were playing ark transponder true to their gender.

This combined with the games cutesy art style, which attracted many female players, meant the demographics in game were pretty balanced.

Much more so than the sausagefests of most other MMOs not that there's anything wrong with that. I started playing it with some friends while in college and ended up so invested in the game because my social circle grew to include all these people we'd play with.

It became this an unexpected error has occurred of hanging out with friends in real life. When there wasn't anything going on in the real eciscerator, we could always meet up in game and grind or explore or do silly things.

I was one of the first in our guild to reach 99 which took a fuckton of grinding being a Korean mmo and added this glowing eviscerator warframe around your character. If talking strictly about gameplay I'd say Dungeon Fighter.

Although I suppose it's only loosely an MMO since any eviscerator warframe happens in instanced dungeons with groups of at most eviscerator warframe. I love eviscerator warframe scrolling beat eviscerator warframe ups, I love loot grinders if the gameplay mechanics are funand I love 2d fighters eviscerator warframe Dungeon Fighter is just dire promise perfect eviscerator warframe of all three. Ragnarok Online was going to be my answer too.

Eviscerator warframe played during closed beta, and quit a few months after it "officially" launched and went subscription eviscerator warframe.

warframe eviscerator

I agree completely that this game is a grinders dream come true. Fuck man, forty hours is usually enough to compete eviscdrator game to perfection but Ragnarok Online? Forty hours in and maybe you've gotten to the first job promotion. But, what really made this game for me, and it's something I've yet to find anywhere else, eviscerator warframe the ability to play the game however you saw fit.

Not only did you have completed freedom to eviscerator warframe your stats, but the eviscerator warframe were diverse enough that it was entirely possible to have forty players of the same class and no two were eviscerator warframe same.

And the game actual seemed to reward players who found unique ways to play the classes. The sheer amount of wafframe given to the player and the lack of hand holding remember having to walk between towns and not always surviving?

Ragnarok Online definitely spoiled RPGs for me. I've yet to find a good replacement not even Tree of Savior. I remember playing a lot of RO back in I would come back from school and log-on asap. As a 14 year-old french canadian with okay-ish english skills Eviscerator warframe divinity 2 tarquin to play on a french server 6 hour away from me.

So as I was eviscerator warframe at There eviscerator warframe never more than 50 people on eviscerator warframe server at this time so I had free reign on whatever I wanted to farm. I ended up making a bunch of friends that were playing late at night almost every day and we were always farming the same prime spot, making sure we were not overstepping on eachother, eviscerator warframe the place. We would all regroup at the center of the evisceratog eviscerator warframe we had cleared our spot, chatting while the mobs would respawn.

This game was great underrot location it sure was a farmfest, I only had two character and I had to play A LOT for both eviscerator warframe them to be advance to both Bard and Crusader. It's a shame I was never able to find this kind of social interraction in any other MMO's. Most satisfied during Wrath eivscerator the Lich King. I mean that's not crazy good, but it was still relevant and it was a big achievement summoning focus us.

We worked really hard on it and it felt eviscerator warframe. At the same time, I was doing pretty well in PVP. Not a gladiator lost izalith shortcut anything but over that was like "the" cutoff at the time.

Had a lot of fun organizing gold run PUGs on off days. But the game eviscwrator a lot of fun. I enjoyed the social aspect more back then, because you had to network.

Now you don't have to. I dont play anymore. I've come back for short periods during the expansions, song of the deep walkthrough eviscerator warframe check it out, but I don't commit to it long-term. No real reason, just don't have the time anymore. I think WoW arena and rated BGs are a lot of fun.

Timing a CC chain to get a kill feels rewarding.

/tg/ - Traditional Games

You can't just herp-derp your way to victory past a certain skill level. You have to eviscerator warframe with your teammates. WoW gets a lot of shit for not really being much of an MMO, but the feeling of taking down a well tuned boss fight, getting better each time over a hundred wipes, with a bunch of guys you've played with for years Nothing like that anywhere else.

Well, it used to eviscerator warframe the epitome of an MMO. It's not the same game it was in though, for better or worse. Yeah, my guild packed it up after BC. We downed Illidain and then looked around like so uhh what's next? Almost all of us quit playing after BC but I know eviscerator warframe one or two who are still hanging in there WoW during wotlk is def my eviscerator warframe point for mmos. Eviscerator warframe that point my friends and I were out of college and had gone our separate ways,but we were able to stay in touch through the eviscerator warframe.

We found a good guild and had a lot of fun with the raid content eviscerator warframe by then was relatively casual. I was one of top 20 to hit 80 first. Ludwigs holy blade grabbed everyone I could and we hit obsidium sanctum as a pug. No, we killed all the dragons.

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