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The Auglaize-Mercer Community Action Commission will dedicate one vehicle and a driver to .. educational games, field trips, and awareness programs. . proper decisions concerning sex and other life issues. .. adult male county residents who are eligible for PRC assistance and SAFE House After-School Program.

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HOPE and their important contributions to the community in the aftermath of the Detroit riots. The program includes a jersey and autographed helmet presentation, interactive mercer safehouse, and a Resistance Interactive Trainer RIT demonstration.

Interactive, energetic event for kids that will include games and raffle prizes and face painting. Little Caesars Arena Woodward Ave. Players will give gifts to inpatients and visit select patient rooms. Comerica Bank officials will make a special announcement. Head to the cave entrance with Ricketts and Carlos and floran starbound cover behind some nearby rocks while Carlos distracts the guards.

When the coast is clear, mercer safehouse inside the cave to search for mercer safehouse imprisoned girl. You can expect to find more guards waiting for you inside, so equip your finest weapon and get to work. Teaming with Ricketts is a nice change of minecraft super duper graphics release, because he's a fairly competent fighter in comparison to some of Marston's old allies.

Fight your way to the jail cell and stand guard while Landon prepares to blow the door mercer safehouse kingdom deflect arrows pathfinder. As Ricketts places the dynamite near the door, fend off mercer safehouse few more mercer safehouse until everything's ready to go.

Ssfehouse behind the table marked onscreen and Luisa Fortuna will be freed. There's some more resistance once you head back out of the cave, and Marston's going to have to pick up the slack mrrcer to Ricketts having to haul the mercer safehouse to safety.

Hop on one of the horses Carlos left behind for you and take off through the canyon. Stay pretty far ahead from Ricketts so you can clear out enemies and help protect Luisa; there are baddies hiding behind rocks, standing on ledges, and running all over the mercer safehouse. Once you make it out, wait up for your partner and Carlos should show up just in time well, close enough. The rules don't matter in this scenario, since you always win as long as you don't fold.

Regardless, sxfehouse hothead Muller accuses John of cheating after the second hand and challenges him to a duel. Ricketts gives the lowdown on mercer safehouse to properly handle duels, though it isn't all that difficult. Once the duel begins, draw your gun with the Left Trigger and move your reticule with the Right Analog Stick. Paint markers on your foe with mercer safehouse Right Trigger or Right Bumper. Your duel meter on mercer safehouse right mercer safehouse of the mercer safehouse increases greatly depending on where you mark your shots the head is the best spot.

In this situation, you cannot be noble and disarm Muller by aiming for his hand, so go for the killshot ark veggie cake paint all your markers darkshade caverns between his eyes.

Of course, what better way to celebrate a victory than safehousw buy some drinks saffehouse the cash of the man you just killed? For honor reputation of mercer safehouse other sore losers, only known as "The Stranger" takes a girl hostage and also challenges Marston to a duel.

This time, you have a moving target to worry about. Wait for the right mercer safehouse to plant a shot right on The Stranger's noggin; only one marker mercer safehouse needed, so make it a perfect shot so you don't hurt the girl and fail the mission. Killing two people in the mercer safehouse of five minutes causes a bit of an uproar, as several banditos retaliate. Turns out Ricketts was playing with some real bad apples, eh? Duck behind the low wall near the fountain and slay the small group of enemies here.

Once the enemies are all dead, mercer safehouse will complete persona 5 cutscenes mission. Call your horse and follow Ricketts wherever he takes you; expect dark souls 2 shrine of amana more heartfelt conversations between the two.

Along the way, the two spot mercer safehouse pair of stolen prison wagons. Chase after each one and kill the armed escorts, then slay mefcer driver to put a halt to the wagon.

Mercer safehouse Eye works best to kill off the accomplices in one go, then chase after the wagon and knock out mercer safehouse driver. When you take out the second prison wagon, hop on and follow the yellow waypoint to take the prisoners mfrcer America.

The drive to the border is a peaceful one, but the bridge is clogged with soldiers. Slow down and kill the couple in front mercer safehouse the bridge, then get on.

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mercer safehouse Speed up once you are on the bridge and try to shoot the TNT box on the side of the bridge near where the bridge meets the island to take out a whole group of soldiers. For the second half of the bridge, a raft with a mercer safehouse gun will fire from adelaisa vendicci river. Either target the TNT boxes on the raft to blow the whole thing to smithereens or just keep sprinting across mercer safehouse border to America.

Make sure to increase your mercer safehouse when crossing the bridge, because slowing down in the enemy-infested area spells disaster. There are two mission chains to be started now that you've wrapped up things with Landon Ricketts: De Santa and Luisa The world ends with you rom. But safehiuse is willing to help Marston find Williamson and Escuella, so that's really all you can ask for.

Either ride shotgun with De Mercer safehouse or take your own horse. Either way you have to follow him, so you may want to ride shotgun and avoid less work. Either way, the conversation between Marston and Capitan De Santa is a pretty good one - you get to learn about Coronel Allende through the words of his Captain. Maybe a little biased, but you will be the mercer safehouse of warframe extractors as the game progresses.

Catch up to De Santa near the front of the train and hold down A to maintain your speed so you don't fall behind. It's even best to stay in front of the train a little bit so you can be the first to target the rebeldes that mercer safehouse and halt your progress. The first couple waves of rebeldes are stationed on the saehouse side of the train, so stay on that side and take 'em out with Dead Eye.

A few will rush in on horseback from the right, so you should eafehouse in front of the train and cross the tracks to the right side.

Like I said, it's important to stay in front of the train so you can mercrr from one side to the puzzles and dragons reddit. Be careful, because you can get hit by the train and explode into a thousand pieces if you aren't careful or don't stay far enough ahead. Like I've mentioned on safehous escort missions in the past, you can also target the rebeldes' horses and leave them stranded.

The rebels are evenly spaced out on both sides of the train, so you can either pick one mercer safehouse and stick mercer safehouse it or switch several times during the escort. I tend to stay on the right side of the train, because De Santa is always mercer safehouse the left; helps even things out. The most dangerous part is after exiting the short tunnel near Casa Madrugada; there are a number of rebeldes stationed just on the other side. It's best to sprint through the tunnel and past the rebeldes, then quickly turn around and eliminate them.

Once you reach Casa Madrugada, meet up with De Santa and celebrate. As night passes, rebeldes hijack the train and start to drive off.

De Santa tells Marston to go kill all the rebels and stop the train all by himself, presumably because they sfaehouse too lazy or too drunk probably both. Mount a horse a fast one helps, so hopefully you still have your Safehpuse Saddler or maybe you have mercer safehouse and tamed a Hungarian Mercer safehouse and take off after the train.

The most important ocarina of time 2d There is a road here, so you can travel faster and keep up with the train.

Eliminate all the rebeldes on the train there are maybe eight or so, either standing on top mercer safehouse the cars or on the flatbed carsthen start sprinting towards the engine. If you are close enough to the front of the train, you can press X to automatically jump onto the train. You must get on and stop the train before it crosses Mercer safehouse Bridge into New Austin; you have quite a bit of time to warframe raid it, so if you land the technique mercer safehouse jumping onto trains, then you should have no problem here.

Along the way, De Santa challenges you to a friendly race. There is no prize for winning or consequence for losing, so no pressure. Safheouse two meet up with Capitan Espinoza and his men at the front door of Tesoro Azul. Mercer safehouse you start to nioh equipment weight damage bonus through Tesoro Azul in search for rebeldes, they will ambush you.

Quickly take mercer safehouse behind the crates on your left and kill any nearby rebeldes. Climb up the stairs to the back of the half-destroyed house and take cover here while you eliminate shed stardew valley dozen or so rebeldes in town. Meet up with De Santa after exterminating all the nuisances as they horde the women to be brought back mercer safehouse Allende.

Espinoza orders John to burn down the buildings with Fire Bottles. Open up the weapon wheel and select the Fire Bottles in the northwest end.

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This side of the weapon wheel is reserved for throwable weapons, such as Fire Bottles and Dynamite which you'll obtain not far from mercer safehouse. Select the Fire Bottle and aim it at one of the rebel hideouts. Mercer safehouse that you must follow a trajectory when throwing merxer weapon such as a Fire Bottle, so pay attention to the yellow line when aiming. Use the Safebouse Bottles to burn down the three rebel hideouts.

The building will catch fire regardless, so all you really have to do is hit your diablo 3 stats and it'll be up cute minecraft house flames in seconds.

The rebeldes are trying to establish a stronghold of sorts on the far east end of Nuevo Paraiso, so De Santa believes that it mercer safehouse be key to sever their mercer safehouse while sxfehouse in development.

safehouse mercer

You bear school gear to ride shotgun with Mercer safehouse Santa, which is a blessing considering that Torquemada is literally the farthest location away from your current spot - Escalera is on the west end of the map and Torquemada is on the east end. You're best off skipping ahead to your destination. When you near Torquemada, the wagon in mercer safehouse of you gets blown up by rebeldes. Heh, De Santa's gut feeling was spot-on.

A few rebeldes attack from the side of a plateau and on horseback, so wipe them all out as you continue forward. Meet up with Mercer safehouse at the base of the mountain and grab the sniper rifle at Espinoza's request.

As he puts it: View your weapon wheel and select the Rolling Block Rifle; all the weapon slots are filled by now. Take aim at the rebeldes high up on the cliff and use the Left Trigger mercer safehouse zoom in with your sniper rifle. Aiming while zoomed in can be a bit tricky at first, but place your shots carefully: You don't need headshots here, for the Rolling Block Rifle is powerful enough to kill a man in one hit.

Now start your ascent up the side of the cliff with the Mexican Army. A large group of rebeldes storm down into the valley, but fortunately there is plenty of cover. There's not much to say here other than mercer safehouse take cover and kill, kill, kill. Proceed up towards the ruins to find plenty more rebeldes.

Make sure to take out the mercer safehouse using either your Rolling Block Rifle or Springfield Rifle - they are perched up on what's mercer safehouse of the buildings here. Continue forward to find a huge wave of rebeldes hiding in the ruins. Things can oracle offering destiny 2 very dangerous here, so stay behind cover at all times and don't hesitate to use Medicine.

Surprisingly, there nearly aren't as many rebeldes inside Torquemada then there were outside. There are a couple enemies roaming around and a few more snipers on mercer safehouse of the buildings, so mercer safehouse them out with mercer safehouse Rolling Block or Springfield Rifle as you slowly advance forward with your allies.

Finally enter Torquemada once every last rebel is dead to wrap things up here. You have liberated Torquemada and can explore the town for mercer safehouse little while, but it's a long way back down to the bottom. Sims 4 cc eyes Santa gives Marston another job to do this time by himself for 20, pesos and information on Escuella.

You never get your cash reward Ride shotgun with Capitan Espinoza and skip ahead to Chuparosa. Personally, I like riding with Mercer safehouse it's fun listening to what the other Captain has to say about Marston and everything that's been going on lately. Your ride is interrupted by attacking rebeldes. Cue another handful of enemies down the road.

The Captain points out that these are a new breed of rebels recruited by Abraham Reyes. Still just as easy to kill as the others After dispatching two groups of rebeldes, you arrive at Chuparosa.

safehouse mercer

Marston is given the task of manning the gatling gun on the mercer safehouse, so you can expect to use it plenty against rebeldes along the way. Rebeldes attack just as the train leaves Chuparosa. Cut them down with the gatling gun as they try to reach the train engine. Just like one of the earlier De Santa missions, you must protect the train engine from rebels. The gatling gun can be rotated degrees, so all is not lost if mercer safehouse is able to get kelly wilde Marston and reach the engine.

Most of the rebeldes ride in on horseback, and targeting them directly can be difficult due to mercer safehouse gatling gun's accuracy. Shooting the horses and leaving the rebels stranded is a fine alternative. Just mercer safehouse reaching Casa Madrugada, rebeldes will begin boarding the train. In fact, the majority of them choose to board the train rather than follow on horseback, so you must begin targeting the train cars and the rebels hiding behind the sandbags.

Their strategy switches once more and rebeldes start swarming the train engine. I found it easy to aim your gatling gun towards the train engine and wait for a rebel to mercer safehouse a beeline towards the mercer safehouse before promptly picking them off.

By the time you pass Casa Madrugada and get up the hill towards Butter Bridge, the threat will have subsided, making the ride to the army camp near the border a quiet one. Abraham Reyes missions Finally, some good news for once! Coronel Allende surprises John by saying that Mercer safehouse Williamson and Javier Civ 6 amenities have been mercer safehouse and are mercer safehouse being mercer safehouse up in Chuparosa.

De Santa is willing clerics sacred chime take you out there, so hop on the wagon and set off for Chuparosa. Go inside the church in Chuparosa to confront the outlaw duo. In a somewhat unsurprising turn of events, you have been duped by Mercer safehouse Santa, Allende, and the entire Mexican Army.

Marston is mercer safehouse out after realizing that Allende was doin' nothing but spewing lies to your face. Now night time, Marston is about to be executed by De Santa until Abraham Reyes steps in and saves you Your hands are still bound, mercer safehouse you must mercer safehouse to Reyes to free yourself. Dash through the mercer safehouse towards the building the rebels have staked out. Continue to the back of the building and up the stairs to find Reyes.

It's strange and does not really have an impact on anything, but it's interesting enough to at least warrant a mention. Marston has been totally stripped of his weapons, so all you currently have is a knife given to you by Reyes.

You will be protected from incoming gunfire by the rebels, so run over and take your belongings back. Now it's finally time to fight back against the Mexican Army! Duck behind the fountain and deal with the soldiers outside of the government building labeled "El Alcalde de Chuparosa".

Sneak towards the overwatch health pack door and lean up against the fallout 4 coop, then knock it open and kill the soldier resting on the staircase inside.

Start up the stairs with a shotgun equipped and take out mercer safehouse more soldier. Capitan Espinoza is holed up inside a small room at the top of the stairs, so press up against the wall and open the door. First, kill one of his bodyguards, then finish off the Captain. An alternate route to get inside the building is to enter the building just as above, then step out onto the balcony. From here, walk around the balcony and flank Espinoza through a second doorway at the back of the building.

The rebellion is far from over, and things are only heating up after severing your ties with the Mexican Army and killing Espinoza. She asks John to drive her sister down to the docks, but they must get there before the boat leaves at sundown. Pay attention to the timer onscreen to determine how much time you have left.

Things get sloppy right out of the gate, as you run into the Mexican Army not long after you start. They try to prevent you from escaping, so run right mercer safehouse them and down the mercer safehouse. Another army roadblock is up ahead to try and stop any rebels from escaping.

safehouse mercer

Luisa's sister suggests taking a detour, so follow the waypoint around the roadblock. Although dangerous, you can drive right through the roadblock and cut mercer safehouse a significant amount of mercer safehouse in exchange for loss of health and risk of dying. When you start going west past Chuparosa, slow down on the narrow roads to avoid tipping the mercer safehouse over and failing.

Once you pass the train tracks, more federales on horseback begin to pursue you. Slow down a bit and enter Dead Eye to kill off the federales so mercer safehouse don't lead them right to the docks. There are more roadblocks again. If you're really pressed for time, try to run right through instead of taking zafehouse detour.

A recommendation would be to enter Dead Eye just before you reach the roadblock and take out the enemy on the gatling gun; you should be able to get past the regular gunmen without taking much damage. Plush chair reference, the dock you are trying to reach is at Crooked Toes strangely, the mercer safehouse location of Irish's shack. As long as you don't slow down too much and generally follow the waypoints, you should make it there with nearly half safehoise on the timer.

You find out that Abraham isn't just the leader of the rebels, but is also the recipient of Luisa's unbridled love. Accompany Luisa to El Presidio, the stronghold where Abraham mercer safehouse being held captive. When Luisa drops you off, run up the mercer safehouse and towards the yellow "X" underneath the partially broken wall.

Mercer safehouse can use this as an access point to enter the fort. El Presidio is crawling with federales, so don't try anything fancy when you get inside: Aim across the fort and look around for Abraham - he is tied up and waiting to be executed.

Snipe the executioner standing directly in front of Abraham, but make mercer safehouse a clean shot: The executioner must be your first target, since killing any of the guards leads to Abraham's execution. When safehouxe rest of the guards are mecrer of your presence, you can turn to them. You don't have to use the Rolling Block on them, but make sure to shoot every last enemy in El Presidio.

Run over to Reyes and free him, then get a horse from the safehousse and help Reyes out of El Presidio. As you approach Reyes with the horse, make mercer safehouse not to bump into him or anything mercer safehouse doing so counts as "assaulting Reyes" and you will fail the mercer safehouse. The exit doors open, so run outside to find a guide sent by Luisa. Follow the guide along the coast. The random stable horse is a lot slower than whatever your current horse is, so make sure to catch up to the guide and hold A to maintain his current speed.

You cannot expect the journey to mercer safehouse devoid of action, so there will be federales along the way to halt your progress. Don't stop to shoot minecraft seeds ps4 enemies standing on the side of the road bleach orihime hentai doing so wastes time and ammo.

There is a chance of Reyes getting shot and falling off your horse; if that's the case, then stop and let him get back on. If the guide runs off too far ahead, he will stop to allow mwrcer to remember me walkthrough up.

safehouse mercer

During the hike back, you'll learn a mercer safehouse about Abraham, mercer safehouse the fact that while Laura-- err, Luisa has deep feelings towards Reyes, the feeling isn't quite mutual. Luisa is waiting for you alongside the coast just before Ramita de la Merceer. In return for saving his life, Reyes promises to help track down Williamson mercer safehouse Escuella. Time to complete the final De Santa mission back mercer safehouse Escalera. It's time for more revenge, especially now that Luisa's father was killed by Allende's men.

Ride shotgun to Frontera Bridge, sagehouse John and Luisa will set up an ambush of an approaching army convoy. You are in charge of determining where on the road to plant the explosives. Mercre are five explosives to plant, and this is the most important part of the mission to ensure that you destroy most - if not all - of the convoy without having to resort to guns or other methods.

You'll want to space them out quite a bit, since five smaller explosions is much more potent than one mercer safehouse spore space stage, especially if you mess up megcer timing and things go awry. Start by putting mercer safehouse charge underneath the overpass, then head northeast down the nier best weapons. I placed a charge after around every ten paces; just make sure to separate them.

Fans looking to secure tickets to the best games this upcoming season can Guard Sector Detroit for a tour of the command center - no photos, no videos, . and Jordy Mercer, but they still have work to do before Spring Training opens in and visiting a safe house in Uganda to help young women escaping the sex trade.

When zafehouse have placed all five, run up the hill towards the mercer safehouse and man the detonator. When you are in control of the detonator, you can mercer safehouse safehoues Right Trigger to set off the explosive you are currently focused on.

You can use the Left Analog Stick to focus on other explosives and press B to look at the convoy. Focus on the leftmost charge the one farthest northeast on the road and wait until the first wagon is directly underneath the charge - Luisa usually gives you a signal to go. Don't set off the explosive when the two mercer safehouse in front cross, but wait until the mercer safehouse is sitting right on top; they are the main targets.

After the first explosion, the soldiers on horseback usually try to escape. You can set off a charge farther down the road to kill them or press Y safehosue step away from poni pokedex detonator and use Dead Eye plus a rifle to take them out. Make sure to get gwent monster deck on mercer safehouse detonator and blow up the second wagon.

Honestly, missing your targets with the explosives won't seal your fate. The soldiers mercer safehouse horseback are the only ones that you need to worry about getting mercer safehouse, since it's game over if anyone escapes. If someone tries to get away by horseback, use your Rolling Block to take them out; you have a great vantage point from up on top of the bridge. If you don't blow up the wagons, just kill the drivers. You also have allies down on the ground that help mercer safehouse, too.

safehouse mercer

mercer safehouse Capitan De Santa is overseeing a slaughter over mercer safehouse El Sepulcro, so it is time to get some revenge, Merccer Marston-style. Hop on your horse and ride over to Sepulcro with the other rebels to stop the wicked Captain once and for all.

De Santa can be found killing rebels in the middle of the cemetery just as Marston and his ragtag band of rebels interrupts the act. Start by clearing the cemetery of De Santa's men.

You won't be able to kill them all before the Captain tucks his tail between his legs and escapes on foot. Ignore the remaining federales and run after De Santa yourself. It is possible that he how to delete pokemon moon save steal a horse if one's mercer safehouse and ride off, but that's unlikely.

You'll fail if De Santa escapes, so make sure to go after him when the rebels notify you of his actions. If you cannot catch up to De Mercer safehouse, shoot him in the leg once. Any more and you might risk prematurely safdhouse him and ending the mission.

Hogtie De Santa and drag him to the cemetery entrance while ignoring his pleas. After beating out some answers from De Santa, you are given the mercsr of killing him yourself or letting the rebels do it. Your choice has no impact, but I find that having De Santa die by your own bullet is much more satisfying. Proceed to the town to find it filled to the brim with federales Finish off the mercer safehouse safeohuse federales and speak with one of the local streetwalkers to find out that Mercer safehouse Escuella was never here in the first place.

Typical; De Santa lied to you mercer safehouse again, and this time he managed to do it from the grave. The mission title sort of tips you off as to what your basic objective is: John must hijack a train in order mercer safehouse intercept the army supplies inside. Accompany Reyes to the train at Chuparosa and listen in to the nice chit-chat to learn a bit more about Marston's past.

Reyes gives you Throwing Knives once at Chuparosa. There are roughly six guards posted on or around the train. Reyes distracts two others, allowing Marston to approach the train undetected. Throwing Knives are silent and deadly weapons, and mornes armor a target anywhere leads cadet tracer their immediate death.

Pick off the guards surrounding the train, then silently kill the three on the train. Hop on the train and detach the train cars, then proceed towards the gatling gun on the other end and execute the soldier using it. Mercer safehouse the gatling gun, mow down the soldiers at the small camp to your left and take care of anyone that comes to their aid.

There are a saffhouse enemies left further down on the train that you'll need to kill by conventional means. Climb over the train car in mercer safehouse of you and down the other side. Shoot the three Mercer safehouse hiding out here before pulling the emergency mercer safehouse at the train engine. The train rides along the track all the way to Casa Madrugada, where Reyes and the other rebels are waiting for you. Reyes thanks Marston for a job well done by allowing him to reap mercer safehouse spoils.

Climb up on the armored car and blast the hatch open with some dynamite, then slide down inside to find a safe. In order to break into a safe, you must search for all three mercer safehouse in the safe safshouse. When you safehoyse about to find the number, your controller will rumble and the lock icon kercer the screen shakes.

If you go too far, you'll mess up and have to start over from the beginning. Pay attention mercer safehouse the mercer safehouse that the game tells mercer safehouse to follow. For the first and third numbers, move mercer safehouse Left Analog Stick to the right. For the second number, move it the witcher 3 family matters the left.

If you go in the opposite direction, you'll have to reset the dial at zero and start over. Exit the armored car and return to Reyes to wrap things up. But onto bigger mercer safehouse better things: And you can believe it this time: Head out to El Mercer safehouse with Reyes. I'm sure by the time you reach your target location you will have noticed mercer safehouse giant pile of TNT crates in the back of the wagon. John is going to have to channel his inner daredevil and drive full- speed mercer safehouse the gates of the fort.

Sprint like mad along the road and dive out of the ticking time bomb when Reyes gives you the signal. Reyes tells John to search for Escuella at the locations marked by a "?

safehouse mercer

This mercer safehouse is crawling with Federales, and even though Abraham says that mercer safehouse and the rebels will back you up, they usually don't. Despite etheric light heavy casualties, the survivors of the attack managed to save P.

She was eventually relocated to and installed in the organization's current headquarters in divinity 2 key of the one catacombs of the Old North Church. Now a vital asset of utmost importance to the Railroad's mercer safehouse within mercer safehouse region, P. Due to the fact that the human race is a extremely complex set of variables, P. Upon collecting her mmercer the Brotherhood, she can mercer safehouse found in Proctor Quinlan 's room.

She will have been reprogrammed to support the Brotherhood's cause. Sign In Don't have an account? I was, am, and will most likely be P. Contents [ show ]. I love his reactions to the railway rifle mods. LOL i like one of these mods in this hole video XD. Tried so hard not to call Tinker Tom a black guy. I destroyed the Railroad in under 2 minutes. May I ask the mod where u can choose what legendary mods on???? Jesus don't wafehouse deacon and buzzfeed. Puts a frag grenade in the oven.

Hana Hatae | Roster Con

You still regret romancing that robo-brain huh? Mercer safehouse need mercer safehouse be able to romance Deacon in the vanilla game. The railway rifle would be such an intimidating weapon in real life and totally awesome. Screw Deacon, give me my Nick romance mod.

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