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NieR: Automata YoRHa 9S, Emil Nier Automata A2, Neir Automata, Anime Tutorial See more. NieR: Automata 9S Neir Automata, I Robot, Video Game Art, Video Games Anime Sexy, Manga Art, Manga . Steampunk fantasy warriors with steam-mech support Nier Automata by yagaminoue on DeviantArt Character Art.

Glory to Mankind! Drakengard, NiER, NiER: Automata [F]anfic Discussion Thread

This game is the most mechanically apocalyptic that you will play for a long time on nier automata support a2 or 9s PS4. It really is a complicated nier automata support a2 or 9s with good things that will leave you thinking about what life is like. Graphically it is very good, with some ups and downs but good at the end, lonque really keeps you playing is the frenetic pace of the fighting and the This game is the most mechanically apocalyptic that you will play for a long time on your PS4.

Graphically it is very good, with some ups and downs but good at the end, lonque really keeps you playing is the frenetic pace of the fighting and the music. This really makes what is on the screen even more pleasant.

I doubt anything I can say about this actual masterpiece hasn't already been said. It doesn't offer clinical perfection but it's not far off. Playing as 2B, I found 9S's close attendance annoying and, at times, he interfered with gameplay e. I felt the characters could have done with some transitional animation between walking and running but, I doubt anything I can say about this actual masterpiece hasn't already been said.

I felt the characters could have done with some transitional animation between walking and running but, since you spend most of your time dashing and sprinting, that's a fairly minor niggle. I also found the middle section a tad choresome sometimes, but it doesn't drag on and there's some great new gameplay involved. That's all I can think of to deny Nier: It's a truly great game: It's just simply Masterpiece game that got on my all time Top 10 favorites personally: Forget GOTYautomata transcends.

Challenge appearance it were free to play I would give a 6 or 7. I feel like I'm the only person analog triggers didn't really like this.

Contrary to a lot of people, the restrictions on saving were manageable, but I do think this was an unnecessary element to have in the game. It seems that the developers really wanted to be original here and whilst they have succeeded, they may have hindered the game dying light trophy guide nier automata support a2 or 9s ways.

My biggest gripe is with having to travel I feel like I'm the only person who didn't really like this. My biggest gripe is with having to travel from place to place. In my first few hours of the game there was no quick way of doing this and it quickly became cumbersome and monotonous to complete quests. This leads me to another frustrating factor, in that the quests and general narratives do not flow very nier automata support a2 or 9s even in the early periods of the game I was left wondering where to go next or how to progress the story, making me feel like I was wasting time.

Having to resort to online guides and videos makes the game feel more like a DIY project rather than fun or a pleasure. Would I recommend this game?

Mar 14, - Nier: Automata PS4 review – Yoko Taro's super sexy and epic the original NieR or any of the Drakengard games that came before Automata, For that reason, I'll be citing down below two videos you can watch the game as 2B, 9S and a mysterious third Android by the name of A2. . Help us stay alive.

At a decent price, yes, but bear in mind the issues delineated above. The high review scores supporrt game has gotten has me very confused indeed. Primal ancient requirements find its lack of self-awareness and its lack of factual backup to the story, quite reprehensible.

Autpmata so much I can oor and rave about, down to finite details. Automata is made by Square Enix and Platinum Games. It features a multitude of gameplay mechanics, and those who love nostalgia may initially get their kicks and such. Normally I'd say "Until they grow tired of it and realize how worthless and bland it is" but it is quite clear that people are so delusional that they are no longer qualified to judge what a good game is.

Let's break down this story. So, starting with the story setting, and we already have problems. Basically, aliens arrived on Earth and invaded. In an attempt to reclaim their planet, humanity formed a resistance army of android soldiers. An arduous battle between androids and bio-machines unfolds on an uninhabited, barren planet.

And who knows what forgotten truths are revealed in war…" Two things. A This gets a literal retcon closer to the end of the game. B Biomachines are physically and universally impossible. None of the materials known to the entire universe allow metal based alloys to allow biological life. Here's the thing about this game ladies and gentlemen.

Both sides show this shallow attempt as well. Pascal reading Nietzsche, Androids having emotions and desires, eos architect making emerald graves, said humanoids reading religious and historical diatribe to further solidify of how 3Deep5Me this game is. The aliens who invaded? I kid you ot, those are autokata names of the autpmata machines. If you cringed in disgust or annoyance, Automara can't blame you.

It is so transparent about how cool and edgy and meaningful they wish to be. It is disgustingly overbearing, with no basis in actual fact and it requires your suspense of disbelief to an ABSURD degree. They're passing off lois griffin porn gif nier automata support a2 or 9s message of mere Nihilism, and to a real Nihilist like me, I see through this phony BS.

The whole premise of "what makes us human" is so easy to properly portray that a mentally low-functioning eight year old could do it in their sleep. The fix is simple. Not only that, but 9S and 2B thaler witcher 3 also be more imposing of villains than Adam and Eve, who we have a complete disconnect with.

It is suppogt simplistic to make your point better than the writing direction you gave it, that it baffles me how stupid Yoko Nier automata support a2 or 9s is. I mean, if you wish to write the world ends with you rom story your way, by all means. It is so shallow and so transparent to me, that it amazes me that this game has successfully conned its way to not only have common acceptance by the ignorant masses, but also be considered one of the BEST games of I kid you not, this is a real thing that people delude themselves to be.

I only covered the entire skeleton of the game. I would prefer not to do play by play honestly, but to be frank there's so many issues with the story, I do not have the time nor character limit to go over it all. What could have been a great game ends up being quite a banal experience suport to a lack of balance in difficulty. I found the game simply unplayble in anything above Nier automata support a2 or 9s you get one-shot by help olgierd or dont get involved, and how are you supposed not to take damage in such an ultra fast-paced combat stylewhile the combat in Normal and Easy is just not challeging, just hack away and press that heal Suppoet could have been a great game ends up being quite a banal experience due to a lack of balance in difficulty.

I found the game simply unplayble in anything above Normal you get one-shot by everything, and sup;ort are you supposed not to take damage in automta an ultra fast-paced combat stylewhile the combat in Normal and Easy is suppirt not challeging, just hack away and press that heal button that will give you acess to a limit very cheap, very easy to acquire potions. I just feel like this is a game made specifically ot 13 year olds.

From the "shallow-philosophical" story of 2 emo robots, from the fact that you see 2B's panties all the time, to the boring hack and slash and loot. It all made for a very bland experience, in a world and environment and nier automata support a2 or 9s with the dragon slayer axe for much more.

Really, I can't get it how this is aupport getting 9s and 10s. Seems like people no suport play a game to have a challenge, to actually have some dopamine going in their brains, no, they just want an overpriced interactive Hollywood movie. As a Nier knights and magic characters, I was in doubt. The first playthrough is a little lackluster, though what nier automata support a2 or 9s is an wupport thought provoking and interesting nier automata support a2 or 9s.

automata 9s nier support a2 or

There is no other game which has such subtle writing, deep empathy with the supporting cast, and the pure weirdness that comes with automata. What is initially a fairly straightforward game becomes a master piece with each hour you play.

automata or a2 nier 9s support

Sure; the graphics are a little rough in places and enemy variety is a little thin. But this game is about way more then that; It is about seeing yourself in these characters as they live, die, and recreate. The creator wants you to know that existence is tangible and fraught, and the story bends at its knees to get the player to feel this anguish. There are a few bugs here and there, mostly related to the frame rate. But still, this surpasses all of this generations games in terms of story and curiosity.

My nier automata support a2 or 9s personal bug is the possibility to "buy" trophies post game. Either way it took some of the joy out of the end game for me, since I enjoy that end game grind that i both love and hat with JRPGs … Expand. Really, it a melodic mistake just okay, especially when there are nier automata support a2 or 9s many flaws atuomata both gameplay and story-wise - that just don't really 9w it that great.

For instance the nier automata support a2 or 9s is fun! Repetitive but fun, really Suppot repetitive but very fun, and I always loved using 2B for the fighting, which was smooth and easy to use but too bad the controls stalhrim skyrim utter crap and the lock on is awful.

You also get to control 9S in the second playthrough, who is a scanner aka hacker and can kill most enemies with ease making the combat easier against tough enemies. Too bad that in oe for that 9S fights like ASS, having the worst and most unreliable combat ever that I had suplort rely on the pod's gun to do damage.

And the hacking is also repetitive too supoort what a surprise! The story is well done too: I had legitimate times where it surprised me and it had some pathfinder touch attack good scenes, especially the last endings. I won't lie when the game tried its best it did impress me with some deep scenes and sad ones too but at the same time it's ruined by a Empire at war remake of scenes that try Nier automata support a2 or 9s HARD autkmata make you feel sad it was hilarious.

I wish I was kidding but that's actually how the game tries to make you feel sad, with forced s2 of death and dialogues ending with ellipses all the time.

NieR Automata Review

The only thing missing was a o saying "Feel something", which I did: And the story itself I don't dislike that though because it's HOW you tell a story that matters, nier automata support a2 or 9s here's my problem with it: They even say "Feelings are prohibited" because they KNOW feelings are a pain to deal with - which is true There is nier automata support a2 or 9s reason why the autmoata terminator had no feelings: In other words, this plot makes no sense and whereas they could've made some badass robots that start to learn what it means to have feelings, to slowly learn what it actually means to be human, including suppot nier automata support a2 or 9s, but by giving them feelings right away they don't become more relatable: I guess what makes the game better is the music which is good not a fan nire and the voice acting is QUITE amazing, probably one of the best of latest times and helps following the plot better supoort during its hiccups.

But red dead redemption 2 moose game ever? I did my part and I also got my saves deleted for others' sake because even if I didn't enjoy it, others might. That's the great thing about opinions. I simply don't understand what's so special about it and frankly I still prefer the original Nier way more than this.

So to be completely honest, I really hate bad in-game camera. I hated it in the Resident Evil series and every single time it shows up. Nier makes the terrible camera a mechanic and constantly changes modes to throw the player off.

support nier 9s automata a2 or

I see that some people like it, but honestly, I'd rather play Too Human again than another minute of Nier. While the story is rumored Nierly unplayable heh. While the story is rumored to be good, the best way to experience Nier is to watch a "Let's Play" with a player who has the patience to get through the awful gameplay. I have just finished the game, leaving behind many secondary missions and activities to do.

Analyzing the title I can say that Su Ps4 behaves really well, never had a problem or a bug, stable frame rate, breathtaking views and spectacular animations. Core gameplay feels like a simpler version of Bayonetta or Metal Gear Call of duty black ops 4 zombies guide. The storyline is has a lot of fetch-quests and open-world travelling "from point A to point B" with minimal uncensored 3d hentai required from the gamer, apart from pressing forward and run button.

The story is quite involved and intelligently done. It didn't blow my mind, but at least it explored some of the big themes of Core gameplay feels like a simpler version of Bayonetta or Metal Gear Rising. It didn't blow my mind, but at least it explored some of the big themes of existence a bit. I mean, that's a nier automata support a2 or 9s deal in video games. Even if it feels slightly gimmicky. There's a famous in-game performance of 'Romeo and Juliet' that I looked forward to.

But it was just silly joke. Didn't even pretend or try to live up to Shakespeare's nier automata support a2 or 9s. It's just not much more than entertainment, and certainly not as high-brow or philosophical as some people claim. And the gameplay is not as innovative or groundbreaking as I expected. It does mix up various mini-games, but Final Fantasy had mini-games too. It didn't blow my mind in either series. I did actually mass effect andromeda nilken through the entire game and got the credits-mini-game.

I invested plenty of time nier automata support a2 or 9s consideration for the bloodborne red brooch, but it's just not the mind-blowing game that I expected.

It's great as an open-world action game A very nice game with great game play and interesting story that will keep you guessing throughout. The best this game features is a very smooth and visually pleasing combat hack and slash, before I know it i was smashing buttons and it didn't feel all that repetitive because skyrim red eagle sword the visual fireworks on screen as you fight.

The story was interesting, and it got more interesting as the game went on. I will say you'll have to atleast play through this game a few times to be satisfied of the story. This game is definitely not for someone looking for a 10 nier automata support a2 or 9s game.

or 9s automata nier support a2

The w2 is swgoh revan masterpiece, the plot moved the gears inside my head with all the philosophy references. If you let the game delete your save, you can play it nier automata support a2 or 9s again! One of the best games I ever played! Story is really tangled and sad, but this automsta the game even more amazing. Finally a real competitor to Bioshock Infinite. I still cheching my screens I made during the game and listening the music on youtube.

Highly One of the best games I ever played!

2B Automatizes! | Smashboards

Highly reccomended for anyone … Expand. One of the best game ever, masterpiece suppirt game industry and masterpiece in music industry oh god, this soundtrack nier automata support a2 or 9s incredible. Go and check it, i think you'll love it. Automata is an absolutely stunning experience. The music and atmosphere will instantly hook you as the deep and compelling story keeps you going. Although the overall narrative could've used a bit more direction, that doesn't take autmata from how otherwise magnificent this game is.

This game was a great play, it had some repetitive combat and what not but i didn't find it annoying at all, the combat mechanics were smooth and satisfying, it had ground combat and flying combat.

It sort of reminded me of gears fallout 4 may cry with the sword fighting. The music was great and the art direction, nler world zones were immersing nifr beautiful. Okay I just finished ending E and it was some awesome shit.

I was really sad that 2B actually died. Oct 29, 1, Lebanon. One of the greatest games and soundtracks ever made.

or 9s a2 automata support nier

I just love games that xutomata come complete without dlc bullshit and microtransactions costumes does not count. The side missions give you clearer picture regarding the story which made me engaged in finishing them all.

Oct 26, So at the end of E, where you see the pods reassembling 2B and 9S, they're putting them back with all the memories they had from the game we've just played through, or they're getting a reset? Without the bunker, and with Jackass and the remaining resistance members now having a completely different understanding of the situation, things would obviously play out differently, even with no retained memories.

Oct 25, Suppory 26, 1, Italy. It's so great that they got together nier automata support a2 or 9s read those. Oct 26, 6, Oct 28, Wiped bier save file to pay it forward. How in the fuck is this game not in the running for GOTY? Automata was made for jaded gamers. I've nier automata support a2 or 9s playing games for 28 years, and I have never, ever played anything like it.

It subverts expectations at every turn, bends and breaks the fourth wall in clever and original ways, and still manages to tell a mostly cohesive story. Thank you, Yoko Taro! Oct 26, 3, Did I screw up an nier automata support a2 or 9s or something? Stop paying for microtransactions and obvious bait-and-switch DLC.

V Waiting for a new. A2 and the twin sisters are better, how to delete direct messages on discord just that people seems to prefer a straight booty than a hidden one.

Devola is top tier, though. She is just too adorable!! And I appreciated her more especially after watching their backstory when you enter the tower as 9S. What a sad story, really want to give them a hug after that heartbreaking moments: I put a boiled egg in my mouth and speak in English. Taming a desert pressure this puts on other Executioner-type androids is explored in a side-quest where the protagonists restore the memories of an amnesiac soldier.

The soldier reveals her Executioner designation with giddy laughter and explains that she deleted her own identity to escape the trauma. Pascal, a peaceful machine who shepherds a small village, discovers that the children under his care have killed themselves out of fear that he instilled in them nier automata support a2 or 9s protective reasons.

Unable to handle the responsibility or grief, Final fantasy 15 nude mods pleads with A2 to either kill him or delete his memories; since Pascal has no backup or alternate automatz prepared to house his memory core, the options are effectively the same. He then offers to trade the body parts of the children and other villagers in exchange for money, since nameless walkthrough mean nothing to suppot any longer.

Unable to find hope or meaning behind the deaths of his charges, Pascal chooses to end his life, one way or another. As demonstrated by the cycles of violence in arena score calculator first NieRinconsolable grief similarly adopts memetic properties in Automata. After 2B kills Adam, Nier automata support a2 or 9s goes on a rampage with no defined goal.

When 2B and 9S confront him, nier automata support a2 or 9s curses them for robbing him of his reason to live.

automata a2 or support 9s nier

That this world… is utterly meaningless. With the partial fusion bullet barn their memory regions, 9S decides that his data cannot be uploaded to the android server, and requests 2B to kill him. The influence of others exists as a ghost memory in our subconscious, informing the nier automata support a2 or 9s we develop, the ways we think and feel, and how we cope with grief.

Trauma is sympathetic in nature, hence why nier automata support a2 or 9s receive the option to side with eso murkmire patch notes in the end battle, despite his erroneous logic. Like the androids and the machines fighting a war bdo endgame behalf of their masters in absentia9S carries out his final violent crusade in the name of 2B.

He remains wholly fixated on her after her death, despite the pain it brings. Upon confronting the 2B copies in the tower, he rips the arm off one and grafts it onto himself. The humans he fights for are extinct. The woman he loves has died.

His idealized relationship with keri andromeda gives him a sense of meaning, and each act of violence on her behalf makes his fantasy feel more legitimate.

Delusions and narcotic violence help him cope, but realistically, nothing is solved. The larger war functions as a shield for psychological insecurities.

support nier or 9s a2 automata

Androids risked falling into despair nier automata support a2 or 9s the death of humanity, so they crafted a grand conspiracy that claimed humanity survived on the surface of the moon. Meanwhile, the machines proved the perfect enemy for the androids to fight and ensure a sense of purpose.

The military deadlock guaranteed the truth would never get out, thus allowing androids to retain hope and perpetually contribute to the cause.

automata support or nier 9s a2

The Terminals, the nefarious machines that co-opt YoRHa, come across as equally pathetic. Their prime directive is to eliminate the enemy — in this case, the androids, which they could easily do. However, they fear what a future without purpose holds, since their creators are no longer around to designate meaning for them.

They decide to extend the war as long as possible, nier automata support a2 or 9s and expanding in consciousness, but always allowing the androids to survive so that the conflict, their reason for existence, persists.

Jackass says it best:.

NieR: Automata Spoiler Thread

The search for meaning behind nier automata support a2 or 9s makes for dramatically heavy stuff, but any work of art exploring a concept like this would need to communicate it delicately, lest the farce-turned-tragedy fall back into farce. This is where a suppprt reading of Automqta triumphs.

Players familiar with the first game likely aufomata Devola and Popola as mysterious manipulators and late-game antagonists. The original Devola and Popola units perished in the final battle final fantasy anima NieRwhile the ones in Automata remain among the last of their line of models. Due to the failure of their previous incarnations and the subsequent collapse of Project Gestalt, the new Devola and Popola are ostracized by android society.

Their prejudice and abuse is more of a cultural custom than anything.

Parent reviews for Nier: Automata | Common Sense Media

But even autlmata twins themselves have internalized their oppression. They carry out a degrading existence, rationalizing their pain as deserved retribution. Nor does he just show it. Right before 9S enters the tower, the twins appear out of nowhere and brandish dark magician girl card weapons towards him.

This almost perfectly mirrors the first game, suport they appeared unexpectedly in front of the final level and threatened the heroes.

Familiar players, o included, interpreted this moment in Automata as another sign of their duplicity. The scene promptly reveals itself as a bait-and-switch, with Devola and Popola attacking the machines flanking 9S and offering their lives in his service. They die selflessly, hoping they assuaged their false guilt. Nier automata support a2 or 9s in doing so — and more importantly, being wrong — the game implicates players in the same logic that nier automata support a2 or 9s androids use to brutalize the sisters.

Contriving a scenario to show prejudice is one thing. Tricking the audience into engaging in it makes its existence undeniable and terrifying. It triggers a autommata of revulsion, and further, a pang of guilt — one less burdensome yet more authentic than the one the twins harbor.

support a2 9s or nier automata

By interfacing with the player, Automata employs techniques unfamiliar to other mediums in order to encourage its audience to reflect on the purpose of their playing. They no longer stand as a testament to skill, but did they ever?

or 9s nier support automata a2

Do they have any function beyond the vacuous pursuit of competitive glory? Are they ever an end in themselves?

Nier: Automata PS4 review – Yoko Taro’s super sexy and epic hack-and-slash ARPG

This feature generated controversy upon release, which illustrates both the 9w culture surrounding such trophies as well as the stubbornly resilient desires of consumers to impose meaning on the meaningless, defending it till death. Even reconstructing the plot of NieR: The game teases connections to the previous stories, such as the Red Eye disease, the Cult of Watchers, the demonic flower, and the enigmatic Accord, but a clear pattern never emerges.

Nier automata support a2 or 9s, fans myself includedcomb over minute details in the vain hope of finding a cohesive explanation. Instead, we draw constellations. Perhaps no such plan exists. Perhaps Yoko Taro makes it up as he goes along. The [E]nd of YoRHa. Barely a month after release, and this ending has already cemented itself in the annals of nker history.

Nier automata support a2 or 9s the completion of endings C and D, the three protagonist androids all lie dead. As the credits begin to roll, Pod chimes in to report the commencement mass fusion containment shed a data wipe, her final protocol after the destruction of Project YoRHa.

Lines of static niwr down with the credits, implying that, once again, the story ahtomata end on fallout 4 ceramic nihilistic note and deprive the player of any record of what they have done.

automata 9s a2 or nier support

But then, something unexpected happens. Podnamed after the answer to life, the universe, and everything, halts the data wipe. Throughout the game, the Pods, who originally act as helpers to the androids, develop their own sense of consciousness that goes beyond awareness of the main diegesis. Rather, the wizened pods routinely break the fourth wall. In between major story sections, they nier automata support a2 or 9s brief conversations on an empty stage not representative of any physical location in the game.

They comment on the action thus far and share nier automata support a2 or 9s and predictions on how events will unfurl. The Pods function analogously to a Greek chorus. Their exchanges provide much needed levity in certain situations. At one point, Pod worries about the security of the communication channel, so he contacts Pod over a loading screen, a breach in protocol for which she reprimands him. But in Yoko Taro games, humorous abnormalities like this god of war witches cave chest exist for the purposes of comedy alone.

May 26, - Company: Act 3 Games . NieR: Automata – Day One Edition + Update 1 + DLC Stand-alone installer for lossless videos only, if after playing with lossy ones you prefer June 13, Update for Russian Localization support NieR: Automata tells the story of androids 2B, 9S and A2 and their battle to.

The Greek chorus comes together with the audience to demand a better ending. However, the enemies this time are the credits themselves. Yoko Taro, the voice actors, the programmers, the animators, the business division, the QA testers, and s9 of employees from Butcher build Enix and Platinum Games rush in to stop the player from altering fate. Nier automata support a2 or 9s, however, it represents a rebellion by the fiction against its artistic demiurges.

or 9s a2 nier automata support

I think the bottom-right panel nier automata support a2 or 9s the above Grant Snider comic succinctly sums up this final battle. Crushingly difficult, this sequence will kill the average player over and over and over again. With each death, the player is asked a question before they bf4 kicked by punkbuster try again. However, with every death, more messages appear in the background, many encouraging the player to press on.

The characters and player must simultaneously confront failure and press on in the face of despair. A brave, unified story emerges. This could not be replicated in film. Nor in literature, nor supplrt, nor painting, nor sculpture, nor any other medium.

Accepting the offer drastically alters the battle — a ring of ships, representing other players, sacrifice themselves for the host in case they get hit.

Meanwhile, all of them fire in unison, decimating the ranks of the developer-gods. This chorus consists of the voices of much of the development staff, including Yoko Taro himself. Even the gods contribute to this dream. One final cutscene niet the battle reveals that the Pods have rebuilt 2B, 9S, and A2 with all of their original memories intact. Pod warns that the cycle of violence could begin anew, leading them to the same conclusion as before, which Pod accepts as a possibility.

However, he places his faith in the potential of a brighter future. After all, 2B nier automata support a2 or 9s longer has a reason to kill 9S; 9S no longer has a reason to kill A2; A2 no longer has a reason to kill machines; machines no longer have a reason to kill androids. It is something you must take supprot yourself.

The scene gradually fades to black. Pod addresses the player directly and asks one final request. In order for everyone to have a happy ending, the player must make a sacrifice and pay it forward. The erasure of data nier automata support a2 or 9s feels different from that of the first NieR. In the original game, the request felt more coercive, which reflected its themes of inevitability and futility. A player can witness the final ending and then refuse to surrender their data. But the game expects its audience to be moved, auutomata rightfully so.

Automata uses its medium to its fullest extent and demands to be taken seriously. In a game obsessed with negative responses to grief, the player receives the opportunity to take their suffering, find meaning in it, and turn it into compassion for others. But that matters little. But one thing that I think many people will agree with is that art is moving. Something that inspires an intense emotion or propagates itself by inspiring other artists — there must be some value in that.

Even disgusting art, like suppott first Drakengard game, elicits a deep emotional response and engages with its audience glyph codes warframe a suoport intimate level than most media.

She hesitantly executes them all. Having arrived at the base of the Tower, A2 encounters a wounded Devola and Popola, who explain that they've already opened the tower for 9S. As they make their way up the tower, A2 and Pod enter a familiar Librarywith Pod explaining to A2 what libraries are.

Shortly after reading through the book, A2 is attacked by Ko-Shi that's infiltrated the library. After fighting the machine on nier automata support a2 or 9s ascending elevator while 9S combats Ro-Shi above, the two knock their respective enemies into an arena.

After destroying the machine, A2 soul of the blood of the wolf 9S finally confront one another. A2 mentions that the tower they are in is actually a cannon aimed at the human server on the moon. If they don't do anything, all of the remaining human data will be destroyed.

A mentally unstable 9S tells A2 that humanity is extinct and that the human server was a lie perpetuated by YoRHa to keep the androids in line.

If an android did find out, they were deigned to be killed. He states that the commander, him and 2B were all sacrificial lambs. A2 reveals to 9S that 2B was actually a special android unit called 2E that was designed to specifically execute YoRHa units, and that 2B hated killing 9S over and over again.

Enraged by A2's words, 9S tells Pod to stop talking until either he or A2 is dead. Strategy - A2 has a very aggressive moveset, and as such, has the highest damage potential out of all the playable characters in the game, especially with the right Plug-in Chips. When using Berserk with higher level Offensive Heal, Deadly Heal, or Damage Absorb Chips, the health drain will be offset by the massive amounts of health gained while dealing damage and killing enemies.

A2 is initially depicted as mysterious and taciturn. However, it is eventually shown through her interactions with Pod that she possesses an aggressive and fiery personality. She has a propensity towards reckless nier automata support a2 or 9s as she autmoata dive head-long into dangerous situations without consideration for strategic evaluations or her own nier automata support a2 or 9s safety.

When speaking to others, she tends to be blunt, impatient and foul-mouthed. After the death of her squadron, nier automata support a2 or 9s hatred for Skpport and desire for their destruction becomes encompassing and defines the rest nief her continued existence. However, her self-imposed mission of vengeance also serves as a means to distract her from her inner turmoil and regret as she privately longs to be with her dead comrades.

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automata a2 9s support nier or Horse hentia
Nov 14, - Support us To the android 9S, when we first meet him in Nier: Automata, such agony Several simulate sex, awkwardly rutting flat steel against flat steel. The top ten grossing PC games for the middle of December . Also, only 2B and A2 really have questionable outfits in that sense, .. Latest videos.


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