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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – tips and tricks they don't tell you

Where's the Rainbow Island review? Well, the truth is that nobody knows when the game will reach the shops, oi even if it will appear in its present form. The arcade producer of the cutesy Bubble Bobble fol- low-up, laito, dragonite ore mhw prevented MicroPtose releasing it because they say the conver- sion rights were sold to Telecom Soft, with no clause for third party MicroPros!? It could mean that laito decide to take their licence else- where.

Using a novel polygon approach. Tank Platoon should be out on the PC thunder magnet botw.

magnet botw thunder

Hare's a quick look at one of the Code Masters games to be bundled thunder magnet botw the new Cheetah Defender lightgun Available now for the Spectrum and C Spectrum screen After the suspension of Conspiracy: The Deadlock Files due to thundwr illness, Accolade have hit back this month with the announcement of a brand-new flight aim. Available by the end of the year thunfer bit formats and the C64 PC screen. Saint 'n' Greavsie Grandslam any time of the week. They're a funny pah", aren't they?

And, let's face it, it's a funny old game The trivia game madden 08 pc download available on all formats now. And you thought once a week was bad, now you can get a magbet of Saint n' Greavsie Chambers of Shaolin Chambers of Shaolin is the hist product of Grandslam's new deal with European program- ming house.

Similar to numerous other oriental beat- em ups. Ivanhoe Ocean was developed in Fiance animation is by an nx- Asterix cartoonist for a Christmas release.

Thunder magnet botw scrotting action pits the leg- endary hero against. Demon's Tomb Thujder still deep in develop- ment but judging by the pic- tures we've seen they're spend- ing lots of time on it Planned for thunder magnet botw Seven Gates of Jambala Seven Gates of Jambala Thundrr is an action-biased arcade adventure in which you guide the pointy boots of a little green goblin through the spooky caverns of a vast monster-filled castle The highlights of the game are the huge dragons which must be defeated in order to complete the quest.

Amiga and C64 in December ST screen. Elvira has also lent mgnet ample body and name to Tynesoffs new Honorsoft label Thundr their magnett Personal Nightmare, Honnisoft are playing their trump card with Elvira. Known to horror film thunder magnet botw worldwide, Elvira has given tremendous support to the small but, like Elvira her- self, perfectly fallout 4 dlc download soft- ware company.

Release is now November, Thalamus spring back into action with the first of a spate of new releases CG4 supremos. Snare C64a puzzle game from the author of Barbarian II.

Terry's Big Adventure Thunder magnet botw, here it is: Terry s Big Adventure Shades. You're thunddr master in the art of thunder magnet botw yo throwing who goes on a big adventure through 12 lev- els of hp 580-023w puzzles. Catch up with the trendy little character on ST. Surround your enemy using Ihe strategic tuhnder of the American Eoit Coast.

Crvnh them an the thundeer arcade battle held. Send your best men lo stop ihe gold-filled rains, and magnte rush the forts to free the enemy occupied towns. Start the game thunder magnet botw a choice of four different yean, ihree leveli of diffi- culty and a special disaster mode which includes violent storms stopping all movement of little mouse mass effect, reinforcements arriving from Europe, and not forgetting the Indians ond Menkens whose only pleasure in life is attacking you!

Thunder magnet botw that wasn't enough to wel your appetite, you can also choose between a "strategy -only" game and an "strategy -arcade game", and with the superb 2 players version that has to be played to be believed, it only leaves us lo give Ihe order To your sobres Thunder magnet botw Set your sights on such championships as the Australian Open, Roland Garros.

Dominic Handy looks at the history of Acorn, the Archimedes, and their present push into the lucrative games sector. It total warhammer 2 mods way hack in Issue 10 that we first looked at a dutch of Archimedes games. Then, the overall feeling was of disap- pointment, it seemed Hie games producers tor the Archie had taken magnett step back in time — had Ihey become stuck in a thunder magnet botw known as Electron emula- tion?

But how could this be? But what other games can you remember on the c4d B8C? Well, there was Frak! The Repton series was very popular, but can those Boulderd ash -type games really be called classics?

Basically, there were few masterpieces on the Beeb.

botw thunder magnet

Nearly every school in the country had at least one. The machine just wasn't popular amongst the general public, though, Even with numerous pnce drops, the BBC S never challenged thunder magnet botw Thuder, Commodore 64 and, later on. And to the Archimedes, what games are associated with the bit wonder-beast?

botw thunder magnet

Well, how about Conquerer? Yes, it's good, but practcally the same as Zarch with tanks, And both were written by the person that gave the original Beeb its classic game, the illusihous David Braben Up until now it seemed thai no-one liked dang games for the Acorn machines. Even the Archimedes hentai haven uncensored, like the Beeb.

The ultimate games machine? At almost twice the price of the Amiga, the A may seem like an awful lot of money. But we're talking brl thunder magnet botw, dark souls 3 coal locations belter sound and graphics than an Amiga and a full one megabyte of memory Another look at the utilities avail- able tor it soon reveal that the Archie is not so overpriced after all.

Thunder magnet botw fact it's tremendously good value for money, However, the A30O0 seems to have been a bit misconceived. On ihe technical side, the Archie at the Spectrumwhat about Acorn encouraging software developers? That, again, is very Strange. Most hardware producers at least consult the software pro- ducers before launching their product — not Acorn, mough.

Even MGT, after many months of indedsiveness. Anyway, who are these enthusi- asts? Amiga and ST owners aren't dubbed enthusiasts, although they're just as enthusi- astic' about their computers as MSX and Aquarius owners Perhaps they really mean: We know we're not going to sell thunder magnet botw but it's a bloody good computer, and some dufler. Software sup- port from big companies encour- aging better sales?

Nah, we're not aiming for that market. Ironically, a few weeks after its launch, skyrim best poison at Acorn decided lhat the A was actually a decent computer after Holed Out Thunder magnet botw one at the better games to appear on the Archimedes, and soon to be joined by the prolific Leader board Just another one of thunder magnet botw 'Electron emulation' games that Archimedes owners have come to expect over the years will not connect up thunder magnet botw an ordi- nary thunder magnet botw television, Nor can you plug in a standard Atari compatible nine-pin joystick Sound is not naturally pushed out through the monitor, nor is there any easy way to get a decent stereo output the inbuilt speaker is not very acceptable.

All machines have their own technical quirks look all. For just six weeks after us launch, the big cheeses at Acom thought is would be a good wheeze thunder magnet botw they got all the major software hous- 14TGMTX Helm forgotten realms six months ago. Grandslam tested' the market with two conversions of hallucigen inc 1 6- bit hits.

Terramex and Pac- Mania. And so how did they sell? Welt, lets just say that well sell more on compilation than we did on single sales. But why did they release product on the Archimedes anyway? No other major software house had, 'It was a new machine, we liked the specif icaiion. Not unless we think its going to be cost effective to pro- duce them.

But what about the other soft- ware houses? After all, Grandslam produced the best games in their genre for the Archie and they still taric abilities sell enough Have the software houses been suckered into pro- ducing games just because of its Hash graphics and bit capabilities?

At Acorns recent Games Conference, all the top software houses turned up: US Gold's software development manager Dave Baxter, explains: But, anyhow, we start- ed developing product for the Archimedes over six months ago.

We didn't turn up with all the other big guns just to score brownie points, we were com- mrtted before all the hype,' So what is US Gold's commit- ment to the Archie? Dave con- tinues; 'We're just about to release Leaderboard for it. Interestingly enough it's pro- grammed in a high-level lan- guage Thunder magnet botw No, not actually The division weapon talents, but another high-level language It's proba- bly the best version, anyway, and if rt was any faster it would be unplayable.

That really impressed the TGM crew, 'Oh. But what about other conver- sions? Anything else lined up for the coming year?

botw thunder magnet

We'll probably be doing Sphencule and thunder magnet botw even do a conversion of California Games, ITs really anime games on steam to convert from a bit computer to an Archie — although, not as easy as ST to Amiga. But, of course, bote a possibility. We like to support all the popular machines. First from the Domark boys should be Trivial Pursuit — probably the ideal thumder game for an Archie-owning yuppie With thai out and on the streets, Domark are turning their undoubted skills to an Archimedes version of their potential Chnstmas hit.

botw thunder magnet

Now that's something every yuppie should j look forward to. Ocean's probable Christmas number one. The official word thunder magnet botw Ocean is that they're still thinking about. On the other side of the spec- trum there are a few software companies dedicated to produc- ing games and numerous utili- ties for the Archie. One such company is the Cheshire-based firm of Clares, Renowned for various utilities, on both the Tomb of fairel and Archimedes nol least ProArtisan, reviewed in Centre Bytes this IssueClares have now entered the lucrative mar- ket of the games producer As Clare's first game, Interdictor leaves other preten- tious flying simulators air miles behind.

White other flight sums seem fast, with few frames bemg used, Clares 1 Archie stm effortlessly throws all sorts of polygons at you. As the name suggests, you have to fly up a river destroying all the bridges lhat cross it, thus cutting off the assassins creed odyssey odessa s communication. Subsequently, this involves much low-level flying which gives a real feeling of speed Barges rush underneath you.

The impressive thing thunder magnet botw interdictor is that you don t feel like you're playing a computer thunder magnet botw — all the ftying actions soon become second nature.

Zarch, Conqueror and now Interdictor. Now there's three good reasons excuses? For a technical overview of the Archimedes, and a review of ProArtisan. Surname Address Postcode Credit art orders on: This month, TGM's Japanese corre- spondent, Shintaro Kanaoya, updates the UK on the wilt fosters home con- sole releases around, and looks torward to a Christmas conver- sion extravaganza For all you Thunder magnet botw Engineers in Britain, the game of the thunder magnet botw of the T-shirt of the badges of the comic book is going to leap onto Engine screens in a more or less simultaneous release wtth the film, which opens in Japan on December 2nd.

The game is being produced thunder magnet botw Sunsoft, and if you haven't heard of them before you're not alone. Good conversion of a terrible game, though. However, Thunder magnet botw looks like it has captured all the dark and involving atmosphere of the film, with gameplay, hopeful- ly, up to the standard of the Prince soundtrack. Remember the Batcave and all those TV screens? Well that's now become the stage selection screen with glorious tech ni col cured graphics.

The actual game will be an action one, horizontally-scrolling beat-'em-up, no doubt. Staying with the PC Engine, Power Drift looks like it's coming on nicely, the conversion is being handled by Asmic you haven't heard of them either? nier automata virtuous contract

magnet botw thunder

Coming on a four- meg card, it's set to leave the starting post in December. It's the way i tell 'em. Actually the only company doing this is NEC Avenue, who release nothing but arcade conver- sions — in the hope that one day you can have a complete arcade in your living room.

Anyhow, Side Arms is the latest game to be CD-ised after the card version came out in Japan a few months back. Check out the TGM guys' review of that version this issue. This new, improved version con- tains the original arcade version and the card version for roughty the same thunder magnet botw. Thuner But you can call it Fa; East ol Eden, which is the title of the book boyw which the game is based. However, Far East of Eden is actually a dam good game and the whole of Japan seems to think so, too, Allow me to explain.

Its popularity is not just because ol Hs hype bitw one-year thunder magnet botw, however It is actually a stylish, fun and compelling RPG. Merry Christmas One ancestors viking game the game's major plus points is the music. Mr Lawrence His music was a beautiful accompaniment for the film — incredibly evocative and haunting. But how did he get involved in a computer game?

Although you'll probably thinder get to hear thunder magnet botw of it, I would wholeheartedly recommend Mr Lawrence to anyone thunder magnet botw appreciates good instrumental music And no games like torchlight 2 of Slock, Aitken and Waterman.

So you think you know a little bit about Japan, well let us enlighten you. I went to Mount Fuji, Japan's thhnder mountain and currently a resting vol- cano, which thunder magnet botw that there is real greenery in Japan, that it's not just rising tower blocks, and that behind Japan's economic miracle there is a very real and very beautiful Japan to be seen, full of legends, fairy tales and automatic vending machines for fortune-telling angel spawn Buddhist shrines, I personally find this distressing and if this is the price Japan has to pay for a rich, capitalist, bota success then I think ifs time to gotw evaluate our position.

Then again, to hell with the values and give us more money. Handy for lunchbreaks, and, at the flick of a switch, back to spreadsheets and databases: Err, thunder magnet botw boss, we were just checking the relevant power factor data on an R-Type drone, honest boss.

Sega owners may have raved over Thuncer. Well, both, depending on your point of view.

botw thunder magnet

In the hope of allaying some rumours I'd been hearing that this supposed super-console's release date was to be delayed, I decided to use my finely-tuned magnft Thunder magnet botw to call Nintendo and ask what the hell was going on. Having been put on hold with a Muzak version of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot' thunder magnet botw andronikos revel my ear, I had this immense fear that all those rumours about it thunder magnet botw coming out until the end of the year were true.

As soon as I heard the guy ten me that it would be coming out in summer, I breathed a sigh of relief: But when he said summer of 11 nearly dropped off my tatami Japanese mat — EdYup folks. July to be exact — and that's at the earliest I hear your console-hungry British mouths shouting, why?

botw thunder magnet

Well, it's the same thunder magnet botw problem, chips. Remember the Atari ST thunder magnet botw rise of two years ago due to shortage of chips? Having been plummeted to the bottom of the pit of despair, the man at Nintendo, nice guy, very polite, tells me that they actually have an up and running Super Famicom there, upstairs.

Then he says that Super Mario Brothers 4, which is one of the games to be released simulta- neously, is absolutely awesome. For the family Many of you may not know why this nearly had me on the verge of ritual sui- cide; the bit Super Famicom is about to be THE console of the Nineties, Dark souls siegward those of you that didn't read the TGM exclusive all about it in Issue 17, dig it out or get a back issue thunder magnet botw thinly-veiled commercial plug.

What wasn't men- tioned however is that the sound chip, which is going to be well awesome', is. So I guess that the rather optimistic idea Of a UK release in 1 isn't just optimistic, it's practically impossible, There is, however, some incentive to keep us waiting till at least next year: Well, as the old Japanese proverb says, 'It's no thunder magnet botw moaning, you gotta get on with your life.

Well, Britain is, for now, nowhere in the picture.

botw thunder magnet

Not even the USA features in any plans for an over- seas release, ts this the biggest misun- derstanding of consumer demand Over or are they simply trying to make it in Japan first? Admittedly, they want to make it a success in Japan first but they must surely have their sights set for America and Europe sometime. If they don't release any in Britain, surely they will have 'unofficial' machines selling, as has happened with the PC Engine. For all would-be importers and modifiers, take note: And, as mentioned before, the sound chip isn't going to be easy to change.

So if thuneer want a Super Famicom — and you should nier automata pc vs ps4 be prepared to wait a thunder magnet botw years. Well, not really as surprise attack 5e sort of threat.

Quoting me some figures of how many Mega Drives had sold since its release, I could see whywas the approximate answer, only This isnt the bow reason they see the Mega Drive as no competition. NEC had an almost ghunder like thunder magnet botw bottom at the recent Yokohama Exotic Saints row 4 coop exhibition, which also featured Star Wafs robot extras con- fronting Live Circuit-type electronic monsters below in a tableau to thrill the onlookers start.

Still with Nintendo, but reddit madden mobile away from the depressing news of the Super Famicom, the Game Boy — that cute, lovable black and white, hand-held game thingy okay, SO the American Atan Lynx looks a bit better — has actually sold out in both Japan and America. Good news for Nintendo, who have been under all sorts of attacks from Atari, after being accused of restrictive practis- es on the NES, and then Tengen for- merly a subsidiary of Atari getting Nintendo into court over the Thunder magnet botw Boy version of the Russian puzzle game, Tetiis Different sons of Atari, but all the same American hassle, as usual.

Some people never forget Pearl Harbour. Cast your mind thunder magnet botw a few years, when the 8- bit Nintendo was about thunder magnet botw destroy the British home computer industry. When everyone thunder magnet botw about to chuck their Spectrums and C64s away, You don't remember it? That's because it never happened. Nope, Nintendo, who were expected to continue their domination of the world home computer market, came to a bitter end thunver Britain.

And Nintendo know exact- ly who was lo blame And the winner is Mattel, who had the distribu- tion rights to what could have been the biggesi market penetration since the joy- stick. So what do Nintendo think caused Mattel's legendary screw up? Inexperience in the field. Although they had released the Intellivision a ghunder years back, it didn't prove to be enough knowledge And the other, thunder magnet botw vat ion.

They couldn't really be bothered if it sold or not, or perhaps they didn't realise how good the machine they had was.

botw thunder magnet

Nintendo know who not to ,agnet to distribute the Super Famicom, when, and if. So, until then, all you can do Is wait indefinitely, while i wait thunder magnet botw l next sum- mer. You see, there are some thunder magnet botw tages rex dickson living in a concrete jungle.

Avoiding gliding aliens that appear to hinder his quest.

Nuovo coordinamento per Pro.di.Gio

Collect icons to gain extra power. Bound over star- spangled black-holes to avoid being suspended, forever lost in inner space. Part One offers their hardware predictions. Certain Thunder magnet botw companies have already gone public by putting their money whan their predictions are: Domark Is an outfit rarely shy of speak- ing out, and I asked Dominic Wheailey for his comments on luture hardware trends.

Don t you hate 'em? I wish the Japanese would just bugger off and let us thunder magnet botw forward-looking publishers instead of bloody developers. Squeaky gamer know the first thing about it, hahahal Vou re the expert, you tell me! I preachers right arm forward to seeing ft, it sounds great, what's this In my cheek?

Is 8-bit terminally sick, or does thunder magnet botw just smell funny? It will continue to breed a while longer In the uncivilised world like Latin America and Europe, but here at home 8-bit will cease 10 attract orig- inal product and thunder magnet botw a budget market Only. Are you saying that anyone with an 6- btt machine can look forward to no original titles in the future? Exactly, It will all be coin-op licences and tie-ins, MEL: Like your own James Bond?

How will hardware be used by the end of the century? We dont play cricket in the streets anymore because there are too many bloody juggernauts, Thunder magnet botw don't even go to the pub so much, and the cinema is finished. It's all home-based entertainment now, and by the year II can only go one way.

magnet botw thunder

Home-based bptw video entertainment Sport, htm, fantasy, simula- tors, education; all at home, all computer- thunder magnet botw.

There Is absolutely no alternative, old boy. I believe that an optical dragonbone arrow medium will become world standard at some time In the next five years. Can you be more specific, Jim, we've had this conversation several times over the last five years.

Special Case

Alright, I think that there will be two standards, definitely launched within three years. There will be a scramble for the mar- ket share, confusion as always, and by the year thunder magnet botw there will be a definite trend. We believe thunder magnet botw optical disc technology is much thunder magnet botw than a games market for teenagers. Welcome to the future my friends Optical disc technology will arrive within five thunder magnet botw. With high-quality graph- ics and high-quality audio you have to rethink the entire product, but we are going to concentrate on vertical markets where we know here is a return for our invest- ment.

Will creativity lead technology? Or will we just be rehashing the same old Ideas? We could never have imagined how far these old computer a would be stretched when we started out It you compare where we are today sims 2 double deluxe the history of the movie industry, think we're still at the pre-talkle stage.

Personalty, 1 am going to concen- thunder magnet botw of bringing computer entertainment to the equivalent of today's wide-screen moviesi Paul Cooper runs the smalt but perfectly tanned Thalamus. Some say 8-bit is dead. What do you reckon? Yeah, bit la here, but anyone who writes off 8-bit is living on another planet.

Are we talking about the future of computer entertainment for the kids or the megabucks of the US military? You know as well as me what profits are around in this so-called industry. We do alright because our prod- ucts are good and our overheads are low, and we stick to what we know. So you won't be getting into con- soles? Consoles are going to be big busi- ness in a small industry, but they will shove us into the past Instead of taking us into the future.

The titles and gameplays are antique. Do you think that the time Is ripe for the launch of a new type of machine? I spoke to three members of the family who are Code Masters at a Uayfair bash, awash with champagne and salmonella-free buf- fet, starting with the Daddy of them all, Mr Jim Darting. I think the bit market, the Amigas and STs are only ever going monster hunter stories gold rathian be a spe- cialist market.

You're never going to get the big numbers there. In the UK, we've also got a declining B-bit market, so what's going to happen next? I suppose warframe temple of honor the Nintendos and Segas, the PC Engines, maybe Konix-type machines filling up little gaps In the market Code Masters are defi- nitely looking towards the thunder magnet botw of con- soles.

Imagine it's ten years into the future. What will we have then? I can remember talking about a Konix- type machine ten years ago, and it's only just happening now! It saddens me a bit to think that we might be dominated by the Japanese Unlocked note 4 thunder magnet botw future- When I first saw the Nintendo three years back, I thought II was a terrible bloody thing, with rubbish thunder magnet botw, all going nowhere.

The only reason it's working now is the financial backing Nintendo can give It Millions every year. Maybe lit stick to predicting what's going lo happen in ten weeks thunder magnet botw, not ten years! Does the Dragonbane bolts family lock itself In rdr2 legendary elk room and thrash out future predictions?

H comes out naturally. Over break- fast, In the car. We're still a family busi- ness, don't forget. When I look nasdaq:hero over thunder magnet botw last few years, all the important deci- sions have come from David or Richard, not me. Thunder magnet botw the ones to ask about the future. OK, fill my glass and lead me to David Darting.

Now then, young air, what do you reckon is going to be the Next Big Thing? Well, the idea of games computers is thunder magnet botw to change. People will use com- puters without even realising It, just like granny does now when she uses a wash- ing machine that's controlled by a chip.

botw thunder magnet

Computers will become invisible. In the long term, you'll be able to step right into a machine to play games, but it II be invisi- ble, like wearing a set of thunder magnet botw lenses. Your whole vision and hearing will be taken over' by the game, and you will become whoever you want, compost bin ark a racing driver or.

Maybe you shouldn't want to become Rambo, but that's how it's going to go. Computer gaming still thunder magnet botw a big indus- try, but as soon as the really big companies move in with CD-ROMs and so on, the total fantasy thing will happen very fast They're not putting the resources into It yet MEL: I don't think t can wait that long.

I feel half thunder magnet botw now But if wilt take thai long. Eight years ago, everyone thought that things would keep evolving really fast but it Just hasn't happened. I'm sure that's thunder magnet botw cut-off price for the home market. What are Code Masters going to be doing in the future?

Your wish is my command, let's talk to brother Richard Darling.

botw thunder magnet

We'll stick with tjunder soft- ware for most of mxgnet 8-bit stuff. Our Job is to stick with the base-level machines and keep thunder magnet botw out the entertainment. Consoles are going to do well, people don't really like keyboards and typ- ing in a toad of old guff, I agree with David, machines will become invisible In the thunder magnet botw. We'll be experiencing complete fantasies using something like sunglasses, with LCD screens and headphones built In.

magnet botw thunder

A third source of permanent upgrades can be secured from the Ancient Tech labs in the east of Hyrule, using the items dropped by Guardians and found in Shrines.

You can boost a bunch of your Sheikah Slate runes, as well thunder magnet botw botd some less-permanent, but extremely powerful, weapons. If you need fire resistance right now, and have two thousand rupees, why not just buy the right hat? Ice-infused thnuder thunder magnet botw arrows will freeze monsters solidgiving you a few seconds super adventure island reposition yourself, but more importantly allowing you to do thunder magnet botw load more damage if you hit them thunder magnet botw before the ice thaws, shattering it.

Thunder has a similar paralysing effectwithout the extra damage that you can deal at inogo bridge end — but to make up for it, it can cause enemies to drop their weapons entirely. Fire is less useful, having no direct effects on combat, but letting you explode flaming barrelsand instantly kill icy enemies. Similarly, remember that there are many more differences in weapons than just their strength and type.

However, at the beginning of the game, it is stated that the X Infestation began in Fusion: It's a major key plot point of the thunder magnet botw game that is shown and discussed in great detail.

The crux of the theory is that the thunder magnet botw are patient zero for the X Infestation and that they were already infected in Super Metroid.

Five Night at Freddy's Theories. In his part 2 episode, he theorizes that the Purple Guy's identity is Phone Guymatnet brings up some fairly solid evidence to back it up, going so far as to suggest all the voice messages you hear in all three games were recorded prior to thunder magnet botw prequel FNAF 2 to clear up the confusion with the Purple Guy's final scene in FNAF 3.

The only problem thuner this is he fails to recognize that the very first recording you hear in FNAF 1 refers to the " Bite of 87 "something the Purple Guy could never have known about if his death was indeed before the second game took place.

botw thunder magnet

He also manyshot pathfinder to take into account that Phone Guy refers to the new animatronics in the second game, something he could have never known would exist before they were even created.

He also tries to claim Purple Guy's model is holding a device thunder magnet botw deactivate the animatronics in the first part, but in the second part calls the device "suspiciously phone-like". His theory that every thunder magnet botw was recorded before the time of the second game may also fall flat if you play Disappointment gif 6 of that game, which pretty heavily implies that thunder magnet botw Phone Thundef is talking about the murders that recently happened.

Why would pre-recorded messages nier automata a2 fanart a new employee include talk about a tragic event that happened presumably years before?

And then you realize that in the first game, you're the new guy.

No ties to maget Fazbear establishments. How could you find Phone Guy in the safe room? You thundre know where to look, and you don't know it even exists. He tries pushing his " Phone Guy is Purple Guy" theory again regarding Five Nights at Freddy's 3 tnunder, claiming that Phone Guy 's knowledge of the hidden employees-only rooms is proof that he must have been involved, as nobody would have been able to leave the suit used by the murderer inside thunder magnet botw of those rooms without knowing where they were.

In his Five Nights at Matnet 4 science-based theory he declares that thunder magnet botw main character wouldn't magney able to experience fear, real or in his dreamsbut he fails to realize that it's just one of the many possible symptoms of losing a frontal lobe, and that it relies entirely on the main character experiencing that particular symptom.

Many people who have lost their frontal lobes report only experiencing one or two symptoms, or even none at allwith people who haven't had a frontal pillars of eternity party build since birth thunder magnet botw having troubles with complex scenarios.

Though more likely Scott was referring to how it's heavily implied that the game doesn't revolve around thunder magnet botw frontal lobe bite MatPat thinks it does. So stardew valley sewer entire video thunder magnet botw invalidated because no matter what he said, he's saying it about the wrong character in the magmet and was so eager to show up Scott that he fell for a Red Herring.

This video explains the circumstances well. In leveled items skyrim videos on Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Locationone point he tries to use Scott's own lines describing Silver Eyes' to explain how Sister Location thunder magnet botw going to be connected to the games During his Milestone CelebrationMatPat attempts to conjecture the idea at one point that Ballora is modeled on Afton's wife, who either divorced him or suffered Death by Despair following the death of their dark souls 3 backstab Elizabeth.

Problem with that is that it's made clear that Ballora was part of Circus Baby's gang, which was recalled immediately after the accident that killed Elizabeth, meaning there is simply no time for such an idea to work with the presented timeframe. A recurring problem in his episodes regarding the Bowt Mario Bros.

While MatPat is known to disregard prior episodes, what makes it different here is that he still references all of them as if ghunder all true, even when they contradict each other.

Case in point, he has given no less than three mutually exclusive explanations for Bowser's motives, yet in one episode references them all in the same minute. With a few exceptions, MatPat completely disregards the RPG's, despite them providing a ton of important Tunder Building and development for the Mario setting, much of which flies in the face of Alternate Character Interpretation thhnder gives the cast.

The video revolving around Wario's flying farts infamously had him claim Wario is ten feet tall despite being obviously shorter. He later turned this into a form of Self-Deprecation for future research failures. Wii are far larger then the golden Banzai Bills. In the video, MatPat has to convert modern Mario's size to thubder Mario's size, and hunt showdown roadmap entire rest of the theory uses 8-bit Mario's size as a reference, saying that the conversion bktw necessary because his size relative to Bowser changes throughout the botd.

It's more like Bowser's size is the one that fluctuates - anyone who's played a wide variety of Mario games will know that Mario will be about the same size in comparison to Princess Thunrer. In this controversial video, MatPat claims that "there is no Peach toy" in Mario vs. Donkey Kongwhen there was a Peach toy shown in the same video where he said this.

This same video has received large amounts of flack for relying on fan-made timelines thunder magnet botw his "Mario is a womanizer" supporting argument twice; the Mario franchise doesn't have a fleshed-out thunder magnet botw timeline.

Half of his evidence against Mario's treatment of Yoshi is that "he'd abandon him just a for a few inches in a jump". This is despite such an action being entirely player-derived.

Under that logic, literally any video game protagonist who can do negative actions under thunder magnet botw command is a sociopath. It's also worth noting that his major argument for Mario being abusive to Luigi comes from Luigi's win cutscene from Mario Power Tennis thunddr, where he lightly grinds his foot on Luigi's.

Thunder magnet botw is likely to eso pet sorc build be friendly Sibling Rivalry and not outright abuse. Siblings playfully shoving each-other thundet such after thunder magnet botw game is highly common, and Luigi is clearly giving an awkward smile and not "confused" like he says, yet he treats Mario's behavior as sociopathic.

Mar 27, - I can remember if it's in the other games but ganondorfs mega slow damage and knockback, with an answering buff to the sex kick part of it. Get rid of ness's pk flash. . with less purple on everything and a smaller PSI Magnet, visually. PK Thunder would be yellow, and the particle effects on his up.

He korok seed turn in ignores Koopa Troopa's win cutscene, magne Mario shows concern for Luigi after he gets injured.

He treats the Wigglers from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine as innocent victims who Mario "crushed to death" after he "ruined their homes". The former's home being ruined was thunder magnet botw accident, the latter tried to ruin someone else's summer rials, and neither died: The 64 Wiggler merely shrinks and flees, and while the Sunshine Wiggler melts away upon defeat, this means nothing because Petey Piranha melted in a similar manner and he obviously didn't die given how often he appeared in the franchise.

He states that at the end of Mario Is Missingthere's no thank you from Mario. There thunder magnet botw, literally seconds after the scene he showed. The PC version goes even nagnet by having the two high-five each other and then hug. The whole "Mario is an abusive ,agnet argument in general. At the time of the video's release, it was the Year of Luigi and we got two games that show their relationship as brothers.

In them, we see Mario earnestly thanking Luigi for saving him yet again and calling him number one in nagnet former, and in the latter we actually see the inner workings of Luigi's mind: Luigi would gladly help Mario no matter what, even willingly staying bloodborne builds reddit the shadows bottw it means the two get to work together, and time and time again we've seen that Mario would gladly let him help if the chance arises.

So basically, the thujder was full of Heartwarming Moments for thunder magnet botw younger plumber, and MatPat just disregards all of thunder magnet botw. The biggest question created though is, if Mario is supposed magnst be such a terrible sibling and person in general, why does Luigi idolise him much?

This has become even more unexplainable as the series msgnet thunder magnet botw on, since MatPat continues to give Luigi thunder magnet botw he ends up with Peach, is extraordinarily wealthy and is Bigger Is Better in Bedthunder magnet botw is somehow still supposed to have his canonical inferiority complex.

The video claims that "names only get repeated in romantic settings". There are far too many counterexamples to list, such as the Game Over quotes in the Gaur plains Gear series in which the player character's name is often shouted at least twice by another character, regardless of romantic affiliation.

MatPat frames Mario's act of jumping on his enemies as murder, even comparing thunder magnet botw to the Indian method crushing someone with thunder magnet botw elephant. This thnuder ignores that the RPG's have made it clear Mario doesn't always kill his enemies thinder he defeats them with his moon easter egg steps attacks. The ultimate evidence that MatPat magneg to prove Rosalina being Peach's daughter is thunder magnet botw director Yoshiaki Koizumi originally planned for them to be related.

Despite this jossing the idea being in the final game, he still treats this as definite proof. The same video attempts to make the argument as well that Miyamoto snubbed the idea "protect the truth" regarding Luigi ending up with Peach.

It's actually quite well-known that Miyamoto is heavily against any story in Mario periodand has infamously committed several cases of Executive Supernova g2 vs g3 to enforce that.

botw thunder magnet

MatPat takes a jab at Nintendo for their presumed averseness to dark and deep stories. Anyone who is invested in Nintendo will tell you that this is far from the truth thunder magnet botw links only lead to some of the more prominent examples. What makes this example magneh irritating is that he dismisses Fire Emblem and Xenoblade in earlier videos, and clearly has knowledge on the Zelda and Mother the forest enemies, even calling himself a fan of them.

The episode thunfer easily the worst example of MatPat's tendency in his Mario videos destiny 2 clan xp not thinking through the implications when putting his theories together. The big twist of the episode is that, based on Cranky Kong explicitly being the title character of the original Tyunder Kong and DK in the rest of the franchise being his grandson, Jumpman would have to be Mario and Luigi's father. Aside for that being a rather underwhelming thunder magnet botwthe big problem comes in that the infamous "Mario is Psychopath" theory makes a big deal about Mario thunder magnet botw on Peach with Pauline This causes MatPat's thunder magnet botw of ape maturity to prove "Jumpman is Mario's father" to fall apart, since, in order for such an idea to work, everyone would at best be in their mid to late teens.

Which they are very clearly not. However, Princess Thunder magnet botw isn't jumping, but instead floating or gliding, so it wouldn't count as a long jump. Plus, most Olympic Sports are divided by gender: He also puts together the length of three long jumps to get the height of Mario's triple jump. Fhunder both the games and real life, the triple jump is a hop, step, and jump, not three running long jumps.

During the video explaining Luigi's identity of Mr. L, MatPat tells us that the type of brainwashing Nastasia uses is suggestive hypnosis, ghunder is a type of hypnosis that does not make those experiencing it go against their morals that they withhold, and then jumps to the conclusion that Mr. Terraria chest thunder magnet botw and actions are emotions that Luigi keeps buried deep down inside himself. He then shows footage of YouTubers MatPat knows have experienced this kind of hypnosis to prove this point.

Seems to make sense at first, but then thunder magnet botw Critical Research Failure kicks in when you realize that Nastasia's hypnosis tbunder Peach to say "I do" during her and Bowser's wedding, something Peach would hotw want to do on her own accord.

Furthermore, Nastasia ALSO uses it to brainwash Bowser's minions into serving Count Bleck instead, despite the fact that they are shown to have a deep respect thunder magnet botw desire to obey Bowser at any costs. This makes the logic magnwt Nastasia mafnet suggestive hypnosis to hypnotize people impossible to work in Super Paper Mariosince almost everyone she Thjnder brainwash are almost always used to go against any morals they may have.

Lastly, when Nastasia brainwashes anyone at all, including Luigi, they are clearly shown struggling and do not want this. The only one that willingly joins a Goomba does so out thunder magnet botw mere thunder magnet botw rather than willingness speaking of which, MatPat states that the Goombas duped Luigi instead botd wanting to get out, and one of them got brainwashed which the other showed clear despair over.

The only duping was the Goombas telling Luigi that he magnst awesome. In the same episode, MatPat says that another name bote Persuasive Brainwashing is Classical Conditioning, and defines it as the use of punishments and rewards to change behavior based on our actions. However, what he actually defined was Operant Conditioning, whereas Classical Conditioning involves pairing stimuli still waiting gif to elicit a thunder magnet botw from a previously neutral stimulus.

This was later fixed in an annotation. Another example from this video: MatPat says that Mr. L rhunder several times, including as the final boss thus spoiling the thunder magnet botw boss of all things, but we're getting ahead of ourselves. On the subject of Mr. L's Recurring Boss status, you only ever encounter him twice in the game, and after the second time, Dimentio " kills him ", freeing him of mind control and sending him to the Underwhere where Mario finds him.

And then there's the matter of the final boss.

botw thunder magnet

First of all, Nastasia didn't even brainwash him that thunder magnet botw the cause of the brainwashing this time thunder magnet botw a Floro Sprout that Dimentio planted in his head, which basically thunder magnet botw the same thing. Secondly, Nastasia was supposedly killed from her Taking the Bullet for Count Bleck, so it couldn't have been her anyway. Third, the final boss isn't even under Luigi's control; rather, Dimentio fuses the brainwashed Luigi with the Chaos Heart to form a giant, mindless abomination and takes command of the body, thus it's Dimentio that's the final boss and not Luigi.

Heck, the final boss's official name is " Super Dimentio ". Kind of a dead giveaway there In his Halloween Special for Luigi's Mansionhe claims that Luigi is the richest person in the Mushroom Kingdom because of how many things are in the Mansion as well as how much treasure is there.

He doesn't account for one thing: The opening of the video addresses the part of the Mario is Mental theory about Mario punching Yoshi in the head to make him stick his tongue out, and a developer bleeding dragon key that had debunked this.

According to said interview, this was the original intention, but it thunder magnet botw changed to Mario simply pointing in a direction. Except MatPat claims the interview dragon dogma 2 him right while only quoting the first part.

Partners in Time on its maiden voyage was Peach. Except that in the very section he said thistwo other Toads are shown to have also joined Peach divinity original sin 2 romance the machine. The video claims that E.

Gadd did absolutely nothing to help the Bros. Completely untrue; he in fact helped the Bros. He built Stuffwell, the player's talking inventory. He builds the Thunder magnet botw over the course the game. It is used to extinguish the Thwomp Volcano so that the Bros. He repairs the time machine so that he could use it nfs payback abandoned car rescue the Bros. MatPat says that E. Gadd thunder magnet botw no warning about the Shroob infected Bowser when in fact Bowser was perfectly normal until Elder Princess Shroob's mushroom form wriggled out of the Bros.

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thunder magnet botw The theory then focuses on the Luigi's Mansion series. It is posited in the video that Luigi had to suck up the ghosts in the first game because E. Gadd told him to. In reality, Luigi was forced to suck up the ghosts tyunder order to get keys in order to access the other parts of the mansion, and thus reach Mario.

Game Theory / Dan Browned - TV Tropes

Towards the end of an episode on Super Mario Odyssey, MatPat suggests the moon being destroyed by gravity might lead to the apocalyptic version of earth that can be found in the Kirby franchise. He also provides a picture of said earth. Said picture shows that the moon is fully intact. In his Frozen film theory: Not really sisters, MatPat has next to no actual evidence that Elsa and Rapunzel are twins, other than they both have magic powers and blonde hair. But let's not get into how the healing flower from Tangled could give Elsa ice powers, or why on earth Rapunzel's parents would send away one of their newborn daughters for no reason and be distraught about losing their other daughter for 18 years.

MatPat also seems thunder magnet botw ignore that if Elsa was adopted it would make her ineligible for the throne and Anna should be queen of Arendelle. By far the biggest, however, is thunder magnet botw he makes a remark about the Christopher Reeve and Henry Cavill versions of Superman teaming up In his Film Theory video "Why The Star Trek Thunder magnet botw is Thunder magnet botw is full of these, with half of his arguments come from him mistaking the show's tendency to leave civilians out of the spotlight for the Federation being essentially nothing but its military and the other half essentially boil thunder magnet botw to Hitler Ate Sugar.

He also opens with him referencing the infamous "KHAN" shout with a pile of nuts that are supposed to be pecans but are actually cashews.

A more lighthearted, theory-irrelevant example in " Harry Potter: More Voldemort than Voldemort". There's a brief tangent on math being "number magic" world of warcraft jokes how poorly branded it currently is, followed by MatPat being surprised at the thunder magnet botw of number magic at Hogwarts.

botw thunder magnet

The little-mentioned class of Arithmancy is thunder magnet botw that, a numerological form of magic which never has any role in the series, other than influencing Voldemort's decision to split his soul in thunder magnet botw pieces to make six Horcruxes since seven is the most powerful magical number. To add further insult to injury, in his "More Voldemort than Voldermort" episode, he references fan backlash to this fact by acting as if it was "Obscure Pottermore Information", leading people to be even more convinced that he's either stupid, or faking it for "outrage views".

Actually, he only said that he thought the theory was obscure thunder magnet botw in the second video, he admits that he didn't know the super mario 64 online tutorial was common knowledge at the time.

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Though this only raises further questionsnot the least of which is how exactly he managed to arrive at the theory without apparently knowing it was common knowledge. In the theory he also says young Tom Riddle got the thunder magnet botw about Horcruxes from Horace Slughorn, and only thunder magnet botw the ring he is seen wearing in the scene where they talk into a Horcrux later. The proper order of events is as follows.

botw thunder magnet

Riddle got information about Horcruxes from elsewhere. He also found out about his family circumstances and went to search for his remaining relatives, mainly his maternal grandfather.

He found his maternal uncle, his father and paternal grandparents. He killed his father and paternal grandparents and pinned it on his uncle, making the ring he stole from super meat boy characters uncle into his first horcrux. He talked to Slughorn about his theory of making more than one Horcrux specifically sevento which Slughorn says, "well who would be willing to try to test it is that is true?

Creating ONE is a terrible enough thing MatPat also notes at one thumder that Deadpool is currently dead in the comics but at the time of the video's release Deadpool bloodborne quality weapons been back for months and a main character in three ongoing books. Thunder magnet botw Film Theory video about Snow White has him use evidence from Once Upon a Time thundr the side effects of ingesting deadly nightshade, completely ignoring the fact that the movie and the series are two completely different stories.

For that matter, he appears to be unaware of the actual ingredients to the Sleeping Death that appear in Disney's Villains' Revengenone of which include deadly nightshade.

Adding to the evidence from Once Upon A Timeit's made very clear in the episode concerning the effects of the Sleeping Death or as it's called in the show, the Sleeping Curse that the "hallucinations" MatPat brings up is actually the soul being trapped in a flaming limbo.

In a later video dealing with Frozenfanged wyvern monster hunter world brings up Once Upon A Time again to showcase the troll's memory manipulation.

Though it's a little less failure than the poison apple theory, as Frozen's involvement in the show has it so that the movie happened without any alterations like with the other fairy tales, with the only thing thunder magnet botw being what happened before and after thunder magnet botw events of Frozen, with the clip he used being from the former.

Oh, and Olaf not being a thing. Like the first Harry Potter example in this dark souls 3 best miracle catalyst, this has no impact on the theory in question. In the Film Theory magne on Dory faking her short-term memory, he correctly explains why Dory doesn't have anterograde amnesia.

However, that means nothing, as despite what he claims, short-term memory best inquisition perks to get first is NOT the same thing as anterograde amnesia. In fact, short-term memory is unaffected by the disorder.

He corrects himself and says there a four having forgotten about Damian Wayne. Thundr including alternate reality versions, there thunder magnet botw five Robins with Stephanie Brown being the one not mentioned.

He also suggests that Harley Quinn likely brainwashed Tim Drake into inheriting thunder magnet botw Joker's identity, obviously ignoring the fact that, at the time of Harley Quinn and The Joker meeting, Harley Quinn was still mentally sound and went maagnet Harleen Quinzel, and it wasn't until after The Joker escapes that bots two begin their relationship.

This msgnet never elaborated on in the video. He also acknowledges some "suspicious" lines of The Joker, claiming that he's lost his memory, implying magmet that means his backstory holds something significant.

Fhunder, it's a rather well-known fact The Joker simply doesn't bloodshadow wraith steed a backstory, his mental state having deteriorated to the point that he can't remember clearly what he was like before becoming The Joker. Thunder magnet botw reality, this line was most likely nier automata porn gif thunder magnet botw this point of characterization and not to imply The Joker has some botd identity.

How is Dick Grayson's tombstone anything thunder magnet botw bowt Easter Egg? It says he died inwhich was after the funeral scene. MatPat at multiple times asserts that becoming The Joker is a "Robin thunder magnet botw.

Thing is though, none of that really thunder magnet botw. Dick and Tim's cases were not in the main continuity, Jason only took The Joker's former identity, and Damian has had thunder magnet botw of magjet sort happen to him.

Better Call Saul's Phony Disorder" MatPat presents his theory that Chuck thunderr really have electromagnetic hypersensitivity, he is just convinced he does. Cookie-Imrworldwide] [Inet-Traffic, Inc] MyQuickSearch Search Assistant] Exploit] [Interserver via Aleksej Thunder magnet botw Outwar Adware Launcher] NetVenda Dialer] [Isprime Inc via positive web creations] Liveperson] thunder magnet botw International] Codec] [Max Thunder magnet botw Adware-Mirar] [Media Highway International] Cookie] tgunder Estat]

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